2014 RV Travels

05.08.14 Update from San Diego, TX where it actually rained (a little)!

10247458_630365407033657_8044946759335763879_nWe woke up yesterday to a light, light rain and on the news that evening you’d have thought it had really rained a lot.  I don’t think it rains very often here so they talk about rain coming a week away, on every evenings news!  This morning we also had some sprinkles for over an hour and can’t wait till tonight’s weather news to see what they call that!  It may rain (sprinkle!) tomorrow too and thank goodness because the grass is looking a little dead.  I’ve watered the whole yard every other day but its been so hot and I guess that’s not enough.    I water all the plants every day so they are doing fine.  My sweet hubby took care of my plant watering this morning so I could do my RVillage work early instead of later.  After 41 years I can say I’ve raised him well!!!

rainy_day_scrap-58The rainy day picture looks absolutely nothing like rain here has looked, I was just being wishful!

A couple of weeks ago I posted some pictures of the oil drilling down the street.  Just a week later we went by there again and this is what we saw.  Bill, Jr. said they do the preliminary work which is what we originally saw, move out (which is what is in the picture below) and sometime in the future they will come back and put a real oil pumper on it.

oil  drilling gone


The ranch owners come back Saturday evening and we are planning to leave here Tuesday morning heading north!   It’s not definite yet but we want to go back to Mountain View, Arkansas for a few weeks.  The two blog posts I wrote while we were there are shown below so you can see what we originally liked about it and why we’re going back.  Also, when it was 106 here the other day I checked their weather and it was 63 so that makes them a prime place to help us get out of the heat!

http://rosalynandroy.com/2013/05/01/mountain-view-arkansas-holiday-mountain-resort/    and      http://rosalynandroy.com/2013/05/02/763/

Another reason we are going to that location is in case we need to go back to Louisiana end of June to get the house ready for selling.  Mountain View is 10 hours from Hammond but it’s not as far away as the 24 hours away we’d planned to be by that time.   We will be going through San Antonio and Austin on our way to Arkansas and plan to see the sights in those old cities.

My job with RVillage continues to go well.  My assignments change as time goes on which really keeps things fresh.  I’m really loving working from the RV and even in my gown when I want to!  The number of RVillagers has now grown to:

6953We are inching towards the 7000 member mark.   Because of a change in the process of requesting ads to be made, Roy’s work has decreased a lot, but he’s done such good work that they are paying him more for the work he does do.   I’ve also gotten great feedback on how pleased they are with my work.  It’s nice to know my contribution is making a difference and I hope to be helping this great new concept grow all I can for quite a while.

When we get back on the road and are staying in RV parks I will be meeting with the RV Park owner or manager to sign them up with us so that will be a new element where I can help.  Roy will probably do this also and may do it instead of me.  You’d probably never think of Roy as a social person unless you know him well.  However, he sees how great this company is and really wants to share with RVers and parks so he does just that!!!  My little social butterfly, coming out of his cocoon!

There’s something exciting brewing in our house right now and as soon as it’s ready I’ll be sharing with ya’ll.  Until then, ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!!



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