2014 RV Travels

04.22.14 They are drilling for oil right down the road!

1890581_705949396112334_1288600085_oA week ago when we drove down the long 9 mile road to get to the city we saw signs of some sort of construction and ground digging on a ranch right by the road. This Sunday when we went by the same ranch they were drilling for oil. Here’s the pictures of what we saw when we pulled over and walked around the site. We were warned to only walk in certain areas as it wasn’t safe in other areas. I’ve never been so close to oil drilling so it will be interesting to see it progress as time goes on.

2014-04-20_14-15-48_331 2014-04-20_14-14-37_496  2014-04-20_14-13-08_829 2014-04-20_14-12-35_597

Looking at the oil rig from down the road

Here’s me and my little buddy Bow (not Bo or Beau like I thought) after we’d taken a little ride around.


You guys have a great Wednesday, and come back now ya’ hear!


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