2014 RV Travels

04.15.14 Flowering Desert Cactus!!

10170985_774873542525748_6351603609984478836_nRoy discovered how to have our blog appear on his Facebook page, as well as mine.  Some of you readers may be new to our blog because of this.  If you’d like to “follow” the blog by having an email sent to you each time a new post is available, go to the right hand side of our main page and scroll down until you see “Follow Our Blog”.  Type in your email address, you’ll shortly receive an email, please confirm it and you’ll be a “follower” of Dora and the Explorers.

On to what’s been happening at our little temporary home in Southern Texas and other things I want to share.

This coming Friday is Good Friday. The day we  honor the fact that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins.  If that isn’t one of the deepest displays of love, I don’t know what is.  He’s not going to stay in that grave, however! We celebrate His resurrection on Sunday, Easter Sunday! We will miss being in our home church that day.  It is our tradition to welcome someone with “He is Risen” and they answer “He Is Risen Indeed!”

The wonderful choir there is singing a cantata called  “Save in the Cross” this Friday night and Saturday night at 7:00 pm at Trinity Baptist Church, 42062 Pumpkin Center Road in Hammond.   I sang with the choir when we originally sang this probably 10 years ago and the message is still strong and accurate.  They would love to have you attend one of those nights and hear the true message of Easter.  Better yet, join them for Worship on Sunday at 10:45 and receive God’s message through the sermon and music.  I was told by someone recently, “God doesn’t want someone like me in church.”  What???????  God wants someone exactly like that in church.  What would he do with a whole bunch of perfect people.  Each and everyone of us are sinners.  Christians are only saved by the Grace of God.  You’re never too bad, too old, too whatever to turn to God!

Galatians 6:14: “God forbid that I should glory [boast], save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world was crucified unto me and I unto the world.”

Roy came back from his evening ride around the ranch yesterday and said “Come with me, the cactus are flowering!”  I quickly bundled up (its’ now cold here) and we rode out to where he saw the flowers.  I previously thought that what turns out to be a bloom, was a new cactus growing on the old one.  Shows I’m not very desert flower savvy! After a rain like that we would have seen puddles everywhere in Hammond but didn’t see any standing water as we rode around last night.

Here’s some pictures of the blooms.  This is so amazing that these cactus grow rose looking flowers! The heavy downpour we got yesterday probably helped these beautiful blooms come to life.  The heavy winds (around 40-45 mph) however, probably blew away a lot of the water away.  God has a way of making this beauty out of what should be dead dry land!

2014-04-14_19-48-32_781 2014-04-14_19-47-54_932 2014-04-14_19-47-40_410 2014-04-14_19-46-53_833 2014-04-14_19-46-07_969 2014-04-14_19-45-51_752

I wrote last time about the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival.  In case I didn’t emphasize how big this event has grown to, they estimate that over 300,000 people attended.  Here’s some aerial shots of the area.  The festival  now spreads throughout Ponchatoula and isn’t limited to just the Festival grounds.

psfestival psfestival2 psfestival4

Hope you have a beautiful Tuesday and enjoy this possible last bit of cool weather for a while!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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