04.09.14 Road runnnnnnnnnnner……… whoosh………….!

1978852_294507440699312_163807793_n We keep seeing road runners on the ranch but they are so fast we never get a picture.  Today I managed to get two very pitiful pictures of them!  You’ll have to click on the pictures to enlarge them enough to see them and even that’s not a good picture! It’s so cool to be in road runner territory!  This is what it looks like when standing still – photo was obtained from a website about road runners!

roadrunnerThe pictures below are my none too great attempt at capturing one with my camera from a far distance using a zoom.  It may look like a small stick or even a big dot but that IS a road runner in both pictures.


Click on the photos to enlarge them enough to see the tiny speck on the road that is a roadrunner!


It was a beautiful breezy warm day for riding around the ranch. I picked some of the purple flowers shown below for our RV.  Roy took us off the road to get an up close look at this flowering yuca (I think that’s what it is).


Rough, rough riding today especially the off road trip!  It is about as bad for my neck as all those rides in Disneyworld were! That’s why they make muscle relaxers and pain patches for us old folks who still want to live like kids!1912092_830267696988762_655833202_n


Yesterday’s RVillage.com total membership was around 4500. Today it’s inching close to 5000! Businesses are signing up almost every day to advertise on RVillage.com.  Since our work comes from advertisers we love this growth

We just came in from a evening ride around the ranch as the sun is setting.  Check out this beautiful Texas sunset!

sunset3 sunset1 sunset

Okay, final decision on the ya’ll vs. y’all issue. Y’all might be the correct spelling but my brain keeps typing ya’ll so ya’ll is what it will be!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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