04.09.14 Meet the chickens, peacocks and guineas! Happy Birthday Harriett, Bentley and Braxton!!

1890510_297944303696803_416314983964727295_oWhat a beautiful morning it is here in Southern Texas.  Breezy but warm and the sky is crystal clear.  Woke to the sounds of Mr. Bill outside on his monster tractor plowing some fields up and what a wonderful sound that was.  Spring is alive all over with new growth and beautiful flowers.  Oh how blessed we are to be right in the middle of it!

Our ranch training was yesterday and I took lots of notes.  Typed them up last night and Roy taped them to the door of the feed shed so we’d remember how much of what to give to who!!!


Today we were on our own with Ms. Ann standing ready to help if needed.  Roy’s the head feeder of the two of us and I’ll be tending the plants mostly.  For now we’re doing it together and enjoying this new adventure.  Ms. Ann filled their water up yesterday so we’re just feeding for now.

We fed the peacocks, then the two cages of a hen and a rooster, then on to the big cage of chickens and finally the two noisy guineas! Ms. Ann was out with us this morning spraying the cage for chicken fleas.  That’s her with the hat on!

2014-04-09_08-37-54_49 2014-04-09_08-38-37_227 2014-04-09_08-39-48_617 2014-04-09_08-40-04_978 2014-04-09_08-41-27_8 2014-04-09_08-42-44_443 2014-04-09_08-43-04_318 2014-04-09_08-45-26_502 2014-04-09_08-45-38_254

Roy collected three eggs from the nests and we learned we need to wait a few weeks before eating them so they will peel properly.  Guess I’ll have to write today’s date on these three!2014-04-09_08-43-29_136 2014-04-09_08-48-22_768

As we were leaving the daddy peacock starts yelling “Help, Help, Help”  It’s so funny to hear that because it really sounds like that word but he’s fine, well fed and watered!

This is our view back at our place from where the chicken’s live!


We got a lot of
RVillage work in yesterday.  Roy created a few ads and I did a lot of Excel spreadsheet work.  They have hired some new salespeople and more area will be covered.  If you’re an RVer and you sign up with RVillage please be sure to send us a friend request so we can connect!

Yesterday was my big sister Harriett’s 74th birthday!  Happy Birthday Sis!

Granny Hen Rosie
My sister Harriett the birthday girl, mama Jo and me – long ago!

It was also Chip’s girlfriend Kim’s little twins Bentley and Braxton’s first birthday!   Chip considers them his own boys and we love them already like their our own grandchildren and have enjoyed getting to watch them grow this last year.  Happy Birthday boys!

bentley and braxton


Okay, so two of my friends have confirmed that I’ve always spelled ya’ll wrong.  It’s not ya’ll, it’s y’all.  Doesn’t look right to me but I don’t want to compound the error I’ve been making all my life by continuing to spell it wrong so here goes!

We’re heading out for a ride around the ranch on the ATV!  Woohoo!!

Y’all come back now, ya’ hear! But look!! The sign says it like I do… Now I’m so confused……….



2 thoughts on “04.09.14 Meet the chickens, peacocks and guineas! Happy Birthday Harriett, Bentley and Braxton!!”

  1. Man I am so jealous! I laughed when I saw the wait a few weeks so the eggs peel better. That is SO TRUE! Everytime I plan to boil eggs I only have fresh ones and I end up with some riduculously hard to peel eggs.. and very un-attractiveto boot! Don’t you just love the peacocks yell? That “HELP” sound mixed with the chattery whatever the Guineas make is THE SOUND OF TEXAS to me. 😉 reminds me of my Granny’s in Texas. That’s why I have a Guinea today…just for the noise she makes. PEACOCKS would be awesome to have…maybe I can convu nce Freddy when we redo our coop! Keep enjoying the Greatest place in earth…TEXAS!


    1. I thought the guineas were turkeys when we first got here. Good thing I didn’t say that out loud to them!! Talk Freddy into coming here for a visit with us while we’re here! You could teach us so much!


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