2014 RV Travels

03.24.14 We’re back on Wardline Road!

Driving down Wardline Road and pulling into our old driveway to live for a few days had a strange feeling to it.  Sitting in our RV rockers under the patio in front of the garage has a strange feeling to it too.  Spraying the ditches for weeds, picking up a lot of limbs and cutting back winter killed plants had a familiar feeling of excruciating old people aches and pains. What was I thinking when we bought this house with no landscaping and felt like I had to landscape as much square footage of the yards as I could!

The yard looks a mess right now since Roy and I died after cutting back a lot of things and just left them in the yard.  Our wonderful brother in law George and my sister Harriett allowed us to borrow some yard tools which we tremendously appreciate.  Now we have to use them!!!

We’re still working for RVillage so we’ll be balancing yard work with paying work this week! I hope to take pictures of us doing the yard work so we’ll have proof we really can work that hard.   We’ve decided to dig up some bushes and move them to a needy location so that should make for some good hard work pictures!

We met with our real estate agent, Jamie Johnson, when we got here this morning and walked through the house with her.  She gave us some tips on what she’d want us to do before we put it on the market.  We’ll be coming back here at the end of May when our renters move out to do some more work but this major spring yard cleaning will make a huge difference in what we need to do then.

Over the weekend we were able to spend some time with Chip, Kim, Braxton and Bentley at Yogi Bear.  We walked all around the campground with the boys in their double stroller.   They are too little to participate in the many activities they have for children but we had a wonderful time visiting with the grown ups and playing with the little boys.  The boys are extremely mobile now (not quite walking on their own) which makes the RV a wonderful land of new objects to touch, pull up on, try out and whatever they could come up with.  They are sweet, well behaved, calm little boys and are a joy to have around.  In one of the pictures below Braxton and Bentley have on little shirts we had made for them when we were in St. Augustine.  Each of them says “He Did It” and points to the other one!!  We thought the little kid ride around carts was cute sitting next to the grown up golf carts so of course a picture was taken.  Chip and Kim were being kids having their picture taken with Yogi Bear!

2014-03-22_14-50-49_875 2014-03-22_14-49-23_727 2014-03-22_13-45-27_202

For the first time in our lives we filed a state tax return with a different state than Louisiana.  Since we worked in Minnesota all summer we had to file one with them and thankfully are getting back all the money we paid to them.  Yeah for getting money back from the state and the feds!!

Well it’s almost time to go to bed in our driveway on Wardline so…..


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