2014 RV Travels

03.21.14 A little delay in leaving and a wonderful week – we are soooooo blessed!

Okay so I haven’t written about our experience visiting the funeral home to make pre-arrangements, haven’t had time but I plan to.  I even took pictures there – yes I know you can’t wait for this one!!!

We planned to leave Hammond this coming Monday but we’ve had a little delay to our plans.  Our renters will not be renewing their lease in May so we will be putting the house on the market.  The real estate market is much much better than last year when we tried to sell it so we’re praying hard that the right buyer will come along.


azaleas house3

Our one acre is full of flower gardens front, back and side.  Every spring I spend about 3 weekends getting them all cleaned up and plants cut back so they can bloom properly in the next few weeks.   Since we will be putting the house on the market in May we need to do our spring clean up now so everything will be blooming nicely when we put it on the market.  Our wonderful real estate agent, Jamie Johnson is meeting us at the house Monday to do a walk through so she can point out anything we should plan to address in May when we return.  The last house she sold for us, she sold before it before it even hit the market.  We know she’ll be just as on the ball with this home that we’ve loved so much!

Monday morning we’ll be moving from Yogi Bear in Robert to the driveway of our home on Wardline – back where Dora lived for 5 months before we went on the road.  We have no tools so my sister and her husband have graciously agreed to let us borrow there for the week.  I haven’t had much fun digging in the dirt in a year so this will be a treat.  I remember too well how badly my back and all other body parts hurt when I do this so I’m going into it with open eyes and I’ll have Roy’s help this time.  The yard was always “my territory” but this time it’ll be “our territory!”

We planned to go to Texas and then out further west and north west after leaving Hammond.  We’re still going to texas to take care of the ranch for several weeks but we’ll come back to Hammond near the end of May when the renters move out so we can clean the interior and make any repairs necessary to sell it.

So it’s Hammond on Wardline for several days, then to Texas for 6 weeks, then back to Wardline for several days and then north west first!  Live changes so quickly sometimes and we just have to go with the flow!  I know Madisyn will be happy that Grannie and Paw Paw will be back in a couple of months and we’ll probably get to see Braxton and Bentley walking by then!

rvillage_badge_300x200-findusWe’ve been working a good number of hours this week and loving it!  RVillage is growing by leaps and bounds and we love being a part of this!  Once they unveiled the site a week ago (my blog post about RVillage was the day they unveiled) the number of members (RVers) went from 300 to over 3,000.  RV Parks all around the country are claiming their park on the site.  While this is just a start it shows how popular this concept will be with RVers.  We’ve already connected with 5 friends on it and can always see where they are on the map.  We joined a group on it called Christian Caravan and will know where these folks are as we travel from now on so we can meet them!  They will be advertising soon to hire RVers who want to be salespeople for them.  If you’re an RVer and would like to apply go to: http://rvfriendnetwork.com/application/

We did have time for Madisyn and Chip to come play with us one afternoon.  We built a campfire, melted smores, fished in the pond and fed the fish in a different pond.  Madisyn loves to look at the little fishies, froggies, etc. in the ponds and there are a lot of ponds here to do that in.  We really love Jellystone Yogi Bear Campground here in Robert and any family looking for a close place to go for a family weekend there are cabins to rent, three huge swimming pools, put put, hay rides, arcade games, horse shoes and a weekend full of activities for children and older children every weekend.

yogi6 yogi4 yogi5 yogi3 yogi2 yogi madisyn yogi 1

Chip, Kim, Braxton and Bentley are coming to Yogi Bear to have fun in some of the activities here like taking a hayride, playing games like sack hoping, and others!

I’ve always enjoyed decorating for Easter when we were in our sticks and bricks house.  We sold all that decoration before we moved.  I found a cute window sticker decoration yesterday and put it on our entry door to add a little Easter cheer to our home!

yogi easter

Just got word that Chip and his gang are headed over here for our afternoon of fun so I’m outa’ here!  Oh oh, before I leave I want to share that this past Thursday we had 206 views on our blog. That’s the most in any one day ever!   Lots of other RVers, through RVillage, are finding out about the blog and checking it out!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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