2014 RV Travels

03.16.14 Madisyn’s Hello Kitty 5th birthday bash!!!

madisyn birthday dressnThe big event we’ve stayed around Louisiana for was Madisyn’s 5th birthday bash on Saturday at Spirit Professionals in Hammond.  It was, of course, a Hello Kitty event!  A bunch of kids of all ages were there to run, bounce, jump and roll all over the mats, blow ups, trampolines and other assorted padded things for children to play on.  She had a beautiful Hello Kitty cake and cupcakes accompanied by some delicious Dominoes pizza!  Kim’s little twins had a great time and since everything was so padded they got a little freedom!   All the children had so much fun and we had a great time watching them.  I even bounced around with the kids a bit!

Happy Birthday to the little girl that always makes our hearts smile!

mbdp wall

m bdp8 mbdp1 mbdp2 mbdp3 mbdp4 mbdp5 mbdp6 mbdp7 mbdp9   mbdp12 mbdp13 mbdp15 mbdp16 mbdp20 madisyn birthday with boys madisyn prsent 2 madisyn skates mbdp cake mbdp grannie and bentley

Roy and I had a great time  at the party.  We went to church with Chip, Kim, Madisyn and the boys on Sunday at their church Soul’s Harbor in Hammond.  Kim was baptized and we just couldn’t miss being there for the amazingly special occasion.   For anyone who does not know about Baptism, it is full body immersion into water.  Nothing is special about the water but we do the full body immersion to represent the individual’s being washed clean from their sins and rising to a new life with Christ.  Only accepting Christ as your Savior can wash away your sins.  Not living a good life and being kind to people.  Many unsaved people believe they are saved because they live a good life and do good works but that isn’t it at all.  Even baptism doesn’t save you.  The only way to have eternal life with Christ is to repent of your sins to God, and accept him as your Lord and Savior.  When you do that the Holy Spirit will come to live in you, and your life will be changed forever.

During the time we were all singing at church Roy nudged me to look at Madisyn.  She had kneeled down on the floor and with her hands together was praying to God.   Her sweet heart loves God with a purity that is inspiring.   We will miss that little girl so much when we leave but we know we’ve been blessed to have this time with her and her family while we’ve been home.  One more week and we’re back on the road heading towards Corpus Christi!

Ya’ll are gonna be in for a treat when I write tomorrow about Chip and my visit to the funeral home to pick out caskets, etc. for Roy and I!!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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