2014 RV Travels

03.09.14 Mobile Mardi Gras, Pass Christian, Madisyn, Hard Rock Cafe food, prayer!

2014-02-28_14-09-19_503What a thoroughly enjoyable week we spent with our granddaughter Madisyn.  On her birthday day of Tuesday, March 4th we went to Hammond with her for a fun evening celebrating her birthday with the rest of her family.

2014-03-04_17-51-32_749 2014-03-04_17-51-48_904   2014-03-04_17-53-39_476 2014-03-04_17-56-25_1 2014-03-04_17-52-47_307 2014-03-04_17-52-21_417

We came back to Pass Christian where Madisyn enjoyed playing with all the children here.  I took her to the movie “Son of God” and we both enjoyed it tremendously.  Her faith in God is so pure and deep that it was a pleasure sharing this experience with her!

Paw Paw brought her back to Hammond on Friday to the welcoming arms of her mama.  It was so quiet around here after she left.  I know why we had our children when we were young, it sure was easier keeping up with them then!

Here’s a couple of pictures of she and Paw Paw flying her Hello Kitty kite.  She just came back from riding her bike so she has her protective gear on – some in the wrong place even!

2014-03-07_10-55-18_538 2014-03-07_10-55-48_179 2014-03-07_10-57-18_256

We welcomed her daddy Chip and his girlfriend Kim to our humble abode for a short visit Friday evening and Saturday.   They got to enjoy the beach and visited with a friend of Kim’s.  We got to spend some nice time visiting with them.

While they were out visiting we went to the Menge Flea Market and wandered around for a while checking out their wares!  Roy only bought a cover for his hand saw and I didn’t find anything.  It was good exercise though!

We drove way down the coast to Biloxi to the Hard Rock Cafe Casino for their buffet lunch.  We went there last year once and loved the food.  Today was just as great.  There was food everywhere – Asian – Grilled – BBQ – Seafood – Italian – Soups and Salads – and Desserts which included a chocolate fountain!   Roy stopped half way through his dessert and said he had to or he’d have a heart attack from so much food.  We should be absolutely ashamed of ourselves but it was all so wonderful we just kept eating. Here’s a few pictures of SOME of the food we enjoyed and a couple of pictures of the Casino!  It’s pretty horrible walking through there since everyone it seems is smoking but that doesn’t get into the buffet area, thank goodness!

2014-03-08_13-52-31_872 2014-03-08_13-29-45_20 2014-03-08_13-21-57_627 2014-03-08_13-10-05_313 2014-03-08_13-07-25_443 2014-03-08_13-03-09_25 2014-03-08_13-02-56_75 2014-03-08_13-00-21_481

When we were in Alabama last month we went to Mobile for a Mardi Gras parade  where we were blessed to be able to visit with Amy, Richard and Ricky Geist at the parade.  Here’s some pictures of the parade and downtown Mobile.  Parts of it resemble a mini French Quarter and were appropriately decorated in Purple, Green and Gold for Mardi Gras.  Hope you enjoy seeing them!  Thanks again to the Geists for sharing your hometown with us!

2014-02-22_15-18-20_689 2014-02-22_15-20-02_904 2014-02-22_15-22-47_188 2014-02-22_15-26-24_302 2014-02-22_15-27-57_716 2014-02-22_16-12-24_238 2014-02-22_16-13-30_152 2014-02-22_16-14-10_140 2014-02-22_16-15-54_92 2014-02-22_16-22-02_782 2014-02-22_16-25-31_695 2014-02-22_16-28-30_687

We’re leaving Pass Christian on Monday for Robert, Louisiana where we’ll again be staying at Jellystone Park for a week before heading to Texas.  After the dreary weather the week Madisyn was here, it is beautiful, warm and clear skies now and I hope that follows us to Louisiana for our last week there.

Once we leave Louisiana we do not plan to come back to Louisiana until Christmas so if anyone wants to come visit us in Robert, just let us know!

I’ve been studying an amazing book this week called Angels of Humility. I’d highly recommend it.  It’s unlike any other book I’ve read.  It taught me a lot about prayer and being more  humble.  I’ve always been able to use my spiritual gifts while involved in my home church but being on the road prevents that to an extent.  I still want to be doing God’s work and since I can pray wherever I am please let me become your prayer warrior!

Our work is going well and I have a meeting this afternoon to discuss my work schedule next week.   Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

Thanks so much for following us on our journey! Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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