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02.20.14 What’s been happening in Alabama!

We’ve  visited a few  flea markets and liquidation sales since landing in Alabama. One of our first days here we visited the Foley Outlet Malls.  My dear friend, and ex boss, Donna goes there every year with ladies from church and long ago sold me on the necessity of stopping there if we were in the area.  What an experience that was.  Stores of all varieties everywhere with everything discounted.

I’m quite proud to say I got out without spending a penny.  We’re trying to not spend any money until the end of the month to catch up on an overspent time in Florida!

foley indoor fleamarket foley inside indoor fleamarket foley mall

I drove to a neighboring city to their post office and found out that they close at Noon on Wednesdays and odd hours the rest of the week.  I guess I figured that their hours were federally regulated but it seems they are regulated by the local post master.  We had a valentine’s package for Madisyn and it took quite a while to find a post office open at 3 pm.  She did receive the package on Valentines and her daddy and mom sent us a video of her opening it.  We, of course, loved it!

valentine dinnerWe attended the RV Park’s Valentine’s Dinner last Friday and were treated to spaghetti and meat sauce, salad, rolls and delicious cheesecake with fresh blueberry topping.  We got to meet some of the other RVers in the park and had a nice time.

On Sunday morning we set out to follow our GPS’s directions to one church in Loxley (nearby) and wound up at someone’s home in the country, not the church.  On our way to not finding the first church we passed by Lighthouse Baptist Church so since we knew where it was and it started later than the first one we went there.  Talk about God leading us to the right church!!  I’ve never met such friendly welcoming people.  The pastor’s sermon was from Joel about making decisions from deciding to get married, deciding to buy a house and on until he got to making the decision to follow Christ.  You don’t hear many preachers preach about Hell these days like maybe it went away and now no ne’s going there.  Since that’s not true it was refreshing to hear this preacher talk about it.  I felt like we were back in the old days of fire and brim stone preaching and we loved it a lot!!  There was no doubt when leaving there that we knew the beliefs of  the people there.  We know for sure where we’ll be going next Sunday!!

This week has been devoted to resting and playing around with the software program we’ll be using to make web ads.  Yesterday I made ten web ads to submit for approval and when they were reviewed with me by my new boss, Hillary, she said I did very well!    I also had another meeting with the CEO about my role with the company.  It was a good meeting and I will start doing real work for the company now!!!

We went back to Foley on Tuesday by way of Loxely, Robertsdale and Summerdale to get something we need at Camping World.  In Summerdale, we enjoyed a free McDonald’s dinner thanks to my niece Dana’s Christmas gift of a McDonald’s gift card!  Back in November we bought two little key chain cards from Wendy’s that allows you to get a free Jr. Frosty whenever you want.  We planned to give one to Chip and one to Liz for when they wanted to get Madisyn a Frosty.  We forgot to give the cards to them so they are now ours and we followed our McDonald’s meal with a Frosty from Wendy’s.  Free food night was lots of fun!

We also stopped at a couple of liquidation places and enjoyed browsing their wares.  We are looking for a boom box type radio so we can listen to music when we are outside.  If anyone has a spare one they don’t need that works well please let us know.  We’ll be in Louisiana a few days in March so we could pick it up then!

liquidation outlet insideliquidation outlet

Today we’re going to two Mardi Gras parades in Mobile.  Can’t wait to see what their version of Mardi Gras looks like!  We’re planning to watch the parades with Amy Picou Geist and her family which will add to the fun!!!  We’ll try to see some of Mobile while we’re there also.

We’re leaving here on Monday morning for TLC Wolf River in Pass Christian, staying there until Madisyn’s birthday bash on March 15th!  Can’t miss that Hello Kitty party and being with our precious girl on her 5th birthday!

We went out walking the other day and my crazy hubby saw the stop sign that said roy by stop sign Please Stop Here so he stopped there and said take my pic!  Here it is!

Well that’s a recap of the fun we’ve had so far while staying at Wilderness RV Park in Robertsdale, Alabama.

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

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