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02.16.14 The Chauvin’s are back in the web design business, RV style!

564268_612914368730902_94775613_nWe are still going to the ranch in Texas to work but we have another opportunity to share with ya’ll.  This one has been in the works for several weeks and until I was absolutely 100% sure we were hired I just couldn’t share it.  But now I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve had a few on-line interviews with the company throughout this process.  I’ve never had an on-line interview so these were a first for me.  Sitting on my bed with a pillow and my computer on my lap, barefoot and smiling I went into each interview or meeting praying that if this job was God’s will for my life he would sell me to the CEO, and if it was not His will, I’d know that He knows best and I’d understand.  I’ve danas scripturehad such a peace come over me before each interview or meeting and managed not to make a fool out of myself each time.  I thank the people who knew about this and prayed for me during that time. God does listen to our prayers. When the possibility came about of Roy being a part of the company as well, that was an extra blessing on top of the original blessing!

We will not start for a week or two which is nearer the time the company’s website will unveiled.  The company is RV Friend Network. They have a website which tells about the company.  It’s http://www.rvfriendnetwork.com.  You can get some idea of the concept by checking that out.  There are some YouTube videos on this site that tell you a little about the concept I will share more about later.

The actual website that RV Parks and RV guests will use is http://www.RVillage.com.  What’s there is just a nice picture for now but it will be much much more when the completed project is unveiled.  I should be participating in Beta testing which will be going on this next week.

I have a blog post written and ready to tell ya’ll about this new concept in RV living and will post that as soon as the RVillage.com website goes live.

Roy will be a web ad creator, making the ads that go on each RV park’s RVillage webpage.  The ads are specific to RVers needs such as RV Repair, animal care, pet grooming, dentist, urgent care, RV sales, local restaurants, entertainment, etc.  All ads are specific to the locations where the RV parks who sign up are located.  My job, while it will also involve creating web ads, will be coordinating the work of the web ad creators, checking it out and getting the ad posted on the web.  The ads are where the company will make it’s money since it’s free for RV parks and RV guests.

It will take a good while for this concept to be sold to RV Parks and RV guests 1157474_10151830473676718_420032324_nnationwide so if you are an RVer and are not told that the park you’re in is an RVillage park, be sure to ask if they are.  Getting the name out there will greatly help the salespeople when they come in to sign up the park!

Can I tell you how absolutely perfect this work is for our RV lifestyle??!!  First of all the business is all about RVing and most important is that it allows us to work in our RV from whatever location we travel to.  It’s only part time (though I’m sure it will require more time up front) so it still leaves us plenty of time to explore each place we travel too or rest like retired people are suppose to!

This means we can go places like the ranch we were just hired to work at in Texas and when we’re done with the work we’re hired for there, we’ll spend our time either traveling or working on the online job.  Lots of freedom, traveling and an income!!

When I post the information about the company and what it does, that will answer any questions you may have. I’ve promised the company I will not post the information blog until they go live on the website.  Since that’s coming soon there won’t be much waiting!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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