2014 RV Travels

02.08.14 Cypress trees, swamps, two baptisms and Roy’s new toy in Marianna, Florida

We are staying at Arrowhead Campgrounds in Marianna, Florida, until Monday.  They are a Passport American campground so it is not free to us, but it is 50% off since we’re Passport America members.  On my morning stroll I made my way over (not far at all) to the water front where I discovered many beautiful Bald Cypress trees and a swamp like pond.  I think that if it has cypress trees in it, it’s a swamp.  The cypress trees were covered with Spanish moss making the scene just beautiful.  Here’s some pictures of the area.

2014-02-08_11-36-26_146 2014-02-08_11-33-30_934 2014-02-08_11-31-31_686 2014-02-08_11-28-01_205 2014-02-08_11-25-19_501 2014-02-08_11-26-58_158 2014-02-08_11-27-01_947

We went to church this morning at Eastside Baptist Church.  Beautiful music, two baptisms and a dynamic sermon from Hebrews 2. Two beautiful new believers in Christ publically proclaiming their decision.

We’re really enjoying attending worship serviceis all around the country.  Our world was so confined to Pumpkin Center and the Hammond area.  It’s such a joy to see red barnJesus’s message preached and songs sung in praise of Him all around as we travel.

Being in a building, known as a church, with others that I will see in Heaven makes them no longer strangers but Brothers and Sisters in Christ and what a blessing that is.  This particular church was very welcoming and the pastor did something unusual today.  He gave presents to each of the Church’s staff members to show them how much he personally appreciates them.  I thought that was a beautiful gesture.

The preschool choir sang at the beginning of the Worship Service and they were so precious singing their hearts out for the Lord that I had to snap a photo of them to share!

Roy has a new toy, a remote control helicopter, that he took out yesterday to fly for the first time.  Roy and his toys have always been an interesting part of our lives!  This isn’t the first flying toy, just one of many in the past, and I’m sure it won’t be his last!  I enjoyed watching him practice and get it flying.  Fun times!

helicopter helicopter 4 helicopter 3 helicopter 2

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

8 thoughts on “02.08.14 Cypress trees, swamps, two baptisms and Roy’s new toy in Marianna, Florida”

  1. I love visiting different churches when we travel. In fact, we now plan this as part of every trip we take. Dad and Roy ought to get together with their remote control helicopters and planes!!


    1. Roy talked to George before ordering the plane. He wanted to see what he thought about that one. He’s loving flying the helicopter and can’t wait for the airplane! Love ya’ll!


  2. Yep, looks like swamp to me! Roy and I have something in common: toys! I’d like to get one of those quadcopters with a video camera mounted on it. I have a question for you: in your travels to the rv parks and other camping venues, were there any church services or Bible studies offered? I am a pastor and hope to retire possibly this year, and then travel full-time in our RV, and I would like to be able to offer to conduct church services and Bible studies in the rv parks where we go. I know there are rv ministries that provide that, and we may hook up with them, but I’m curious if you’ve ever seen or experienced them in your travels, and if you think that’s something that would be of interest to people in rv parks. Thanks for any thoughts you have on this matter, and may God continue to bless you in all you do!



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