2014 RV Travels

02.08.14 Chinese yummies, Yoga and Beach riding with good friends!

florida shadowWednesday we spent our time out and about with Russ and Annie. We stopped first at a delicious Chinese Buffet where we all got at least two plates full. I tried clams for the first time and liked it and also fried plantains and liked that too! We always seem to try new things with Annie and Russ and I love it!

We headed over to Flagler Hospital for their Yoga for Cancer class that Annie and Russ go to every Wednesday. Roy even agreed to try it, but he and I did it from sitting in a chair since neither of us do too well sitting on the floor. Maybe in the future we’ll work our way down to the floor. Yoga was amazing, so relaxing and de-stressing. Roy and I both almost fell asleep it was so peaceful and soothing! The leaders voice was so calming and there was seashore and other calming music playing. This yoga class was for people with cancer so it wasn’t as strenuous as I’ve heard others are, but I definitely worked up a sweat regardless! I’d highly recommend anyone with stress in their life to find a yoga place near you and try it out!

sa yoga roy
Roy in his chair ready for yoga!
sa yoga russ and annie
Annie and Russ ready for yoga!

Annie was getting kinda tired by this time and Russ brought her home. He picked us up at Dora and took us for a ride on the beach! What a treat that was!!! There was a man fishing on the beach all set up with his chair and cooler, a lady walking her dog, a guy surfing!!!, and some beautiful waves and beaches! Roy climbed on top of a rock wall and jumped up in the air. Yes my heart stopped when he said he was going to do it, but I managed to catch a picture of him in the act. I got a couple of good pictures of he and Russ. And Russ took one of Roy and I.

sa beach birds sa beach bush sa beach cyclist  sa beach guys thnking sa beach lady sa beach man fishing with chair sa beach roy and russsa beach roy jumping sa beach roy on rocks standing sa beach surfer

We enjoyed this time with Russ and Annie, getting caught up on each others lives and making new memories!  Thanks to two great people who mean a lot to us, for showing us your beloved St. Augustine! We love you guys!

We’re headed to Marianna, Florida (an hour west of Tallahassee) for a few days to DO NOTHING!!!  We’ve been going and going since we got to Florida and it’s time to rest for a while, watch the Olympics, read some, drink some tea and rest some more!!! Playing is fun but resting is much needed in between!

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!!

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