2014 RV Travels

02.07.14 How to Begin Forgiving Our Parents, a reposted blog by Ann Voskamp

As I saw comfortably in my rocker outside our RV this afternoon, after making camp in Marianna, Florida, I came across the blog below.  It hit me straight in my heart and wanted to share it in case it reaches out to someone in a broken family relationship.

You may recognize this blog from previous times that I’ve shared posts Ann Voskamp wrote that touched me deeply. This time the story comes from someone else.  It starts off like this:

How to Begin Forgiving Our Parents: Becoming Human

Today, an author, friend, another mama of 6, living not off land, but sea, a woman of deep wisdom and whom I hold in the highest esteem — Leslie Leyland Fields is on the farm’s front porch with a needed story on forgiving our parents:


Remember that those who gave you life will love you until the day they die, no matter what has happened along the way.

I hope each of you has a restful, revitalizing weekend, spending time with God our Maker and Redeemer!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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