2014 RV Travels

02.04.14 Super Bowl Party!

1554389_10201495989587779_1999147746_nWe have been so busy having fun since arriving here that I’m behind on writing. We’ve done and seen some cool things that I want to share with ya’ll, so I’m starting with Sunday when we went to a different part of the Atlantic Ocean beach and then Annie and Russ’s friend Beth’s condo to watch the Super Bowl game.

On Sunday afternoon we ventured out to the Atlantic Ocean beach again, in a different location. The walkway this time was very long and ended at a point about 4 feet above the beach. To get down to the beach you’d have to slide or jump and since lots of sand would get in my britches I chose not to jump or slide. Another day I will!  Be sure to note the sign  posted by the beach saying that if you get food stamps you don’t have to pay for  your fishing license.  We thought that was very funny! We left there and went to Annie and Russ’s friend Beth’s condo to watch the Super Bowl game.

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What a bust the game was but we had fun visiting and cheering against each other.  We were for the Broncos and Russ was for the Seahawks since they were the underdogs.  Boy did he get to cheer much more than we did!  We eventually converted to the Seahawks just to be able to cheer for someone.

We brought chicken and sausage gumbo. Chicken tenders and pizza rounded out our  Super Bowl fare!  It was a fun evening visiting even though the game was awful.

You’ll probably recognize Russ and Annie from previous pictures when we were in Minnesota.  The other lady was our gracious hostess Beth.  Those of you who know me well will appreciate it when I say that Beth can out talk me any day!!


I’m glad to see that Annie has Beth and other good friends to see her through her cancer treatment and be there for her to cheer her on! Her treatments are rough but the cancer is growing much smaller.  Praise God! She shared with us that the treatment for her specific type of breast cancer was just released a couple of weeks before they diagnosed her.  God does work in mysterious ways!

Tomorrow we head out for a three day tour of St. Augustine which is the oldest continually inhabited city in the nation!  Lots to learn about and see and we’ll share it all with you guys!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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