2014 RV Travels

02.02.14 The Atlantic Ocean at St. Augustine!

The weather on our first evening here in St. Augustine was very foggy and wet, yet we strolled over to the Atlantic Ocean to get our first view! Russ and Annie’s house is in Treasure Beach right off of A1A highway and they have this pathway directly to the ocean.

ao1 ao2 ao3 ao4 ao5 ao6

A few folks were out on the beach walking their dogs or riding bikes on the beach.

ao18ao9ao8  The sound of the ocean waves is mesmerizing.  I could easily fall asleep on a hammock or nice big blanket out there just listening to the sound. While I do enjoy going to other places inside buildings and learning about things, I truly love seeing the beauty of God’s creation the most!

The pictures we took aren’t filled with sunshine or even that clear because of the fog.  That will be another day’s pictures, but we wanted to share these with you so you’ll  know we’re finally here!

ao11 ao10 ao16 ao17

I collected a pocket full of pretty little seashells to share with Madisyn in our packages we send to her along our journey.


On our way back to Dora we came across a cute image someone created in the sand of a smiley face with words underneath.  The only word still left was “Life’s” and I’d think the rest originally said “is a beach”!


Life on the ocean must be delightful and freeing and we are definitely going to enjoy our time here experiencing some of that.


1779077_10152154401609004_1611744351_nWe’re watching the Super Bowl this evening with Annie and Russ at a condo they are minding for a friend. I’m bringing some chicken, sausage and okra gumbo for the event!

redTrainTours-logoMonday – Wednesday we’ll be sightseeing on the Red Train that goes all around St. Augustine stopping at many attractions along the way for us to get off and explore.

That’s a little peak into what we’ll be doing here and I look forward to sharing it with you guys as we see it all!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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