2014 RV Travels

02.01.14 Dora is a slim chick!!!

We put off having Dora weighed as long as we could, but today was the day we got her on the scales!  The annual vehicle registration folks from South Dakota sent us a form to complete last month and it asked for her weight.  We gave them the manufacturers maximum weight from the manual but that wasn’t good enough. They wanted he weight at a Certified Truck Scale giving her actual weight.

Having never done this before we asked inside the truck stop how to do it.  They explained and it was a little confusing.  A very nice trucker behind us in line followed us outside and showed us how to do the weighing.  His name was Ray and this is him in the picture below.  The other picture is of the weighing scale we used.  Ray even helped Roy understand the information that was provided to us after the weighing.

2014-02-01_11-35-30_189 2014-02-01_11-25-27_553

We have good news!!!

Dora is well below her maximum weight limits.  Her actual front axel weights 9340 pounds and the maximum weight limit is 12,000 pounds.  The actual drive axel weighs 18020 and the maximum  weight limit is 19,000 pounds. the total including Boots, our toad, is 32,300 and the maximum weight limit is 41,000.  Diesel pushers can handle much heavier loads than gasoline RVs which is a good thing for us.

Knowing your RVs weight is important because you don’t want to put more weight in her than she can carry along safely.  Knowing that Dora’s weight is well below the maximum weight allowance means we could carry even more with us but it really just means we’re not over taxing her as she strives to carry us along the roads of our beautiful country!

We just landed in St. Augustine and had a great visit with Russ and Annie (and Maddie). Annie looks beautiful, even with no hair and is such a fighter I am deeply inspired. We got to catch up with them some and made plans for things we want to see while we’re in this area.


We’re parked next to their garage by their home just a couple of blocks from the Ocean.  With our windows open we can hear the ocean waves from here! We met and got to visit with Claudia, the really nice lady who rents their house while they are gone.  There is a canal behind their house where they can sit on the dock and enjoy the waterway!  This part of Florida is great.  We’re getting ready to take a walk down to the ocean!  The rain has stopped for the day leaving a gentle breeze for us to enjoy!

There is a lot to see and do in St. Augustine and I hope to share most of what we see with ya’ll in future blogs.  So ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!!

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