2014 RV Travels

01.30.14 Mount Dora …… is that a mountain named after our RV Dora?

stop expecting normalNever, ever in our previous non RV life would I imagine myself pulling into a strange shopping center parking lot and calling it home.  Yet that’s what we’ve done a few times including today.  We have our own supply of water and can generate our own electricity for a little while so we’re set!

Dora and Boots all by their lonesome in the big empty parking lot!

We’re in Mount Dora, Florida right now with Dora’s slides out and out belly’s full of Papa John’s pizza from the store right outside our door!  There’s also a Hobby Lobby here, so my afternoon may include some fun shopping time!

Papa Johns on the left and Hobby Lobby on the right

Next time you’re sitting in your car in a parking lot imagine that your car is really, really big and that you’re going to spend the night there in your own bed.  That’s sort of a little bit of what living in an RV in a parking lot is like!!!

We’ve learned to get back to the basics in our lives since living in the RV, especially in a parking lot.  Living on our own water means quickie showers, no clothes washing and using dish cleaning water sparingly.   If I miss anything it’s being able to take a hot tub bath when my bones are aching! We have half the clothes we use to have but they are fun clothes now! There’s not enough space to have extras of everything though we always make sure to have plenty of toilet paper!!! We had a huge yard at our house and most places where we stay we only have a few square feet of outdoor recreation space, yet we spend way more time outside now chilling than we ever did at the house with all that space! We thought we needed all that space in the house to live in, yet find we do quite well in our tiny little RV space.  Ours is bigger than most but even at that it’s no more than 400 square feet!

needing less

Since starting this RV fulltiming life, we certainly do need less, smile more often, dream big, laugh a lot and really, really realize how blessed we are!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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