2014 RV Travels

01.30.14 Bye Bye Bee’s RV Resort!

541509_550572981639824_1052114858_nWe are leaving Bee’s RV Resort on our way to St. Augustine to visit our friends Russ and Annie. The weather is really bad in St. Augustine right now (the Louisiana weather must be making it’s way there) so we’re going to stop at a nearby Sams for the night and try to drive there tomorrow.  Even though it is dreary outside every Christian knows that
Today is a beautiful day simply because God made it!

Travel days at the Chauvin RV are actually deep cleaning days.  Everything gets removed from the tops of counters and floors so they don’t get damaged when we travel and perhaps swerve or hit a big bump.  This means everything is open for cleaning which we do before we leave.  Floors get vacuumed and everything gets cleaned and sanitized.  I try to have all our clothes, towels, etc. washed and dried before we travel since sometimes we stop at locations that do not have sewerage hookups where we can empty the laundry water.  It might seem like a lot to do just to travel but since we travel at least once a week, I don’t have to do too much in between cleaning wise other than a little tidying up when needed.

I took some pictures I haven’t posted of the resort and wanted to share them with ya’ll.  Heaven forbid I should have some pictures on my camera that I haven’t shared!  We wouldn’t want that now, would we???!!!  Bee’s is definitely a 50+ RV park as I haven’t seen any children and they have shuffleboard!!!  It also seems that older folks have more animals and since we were parked near a big grassy area we saw most all the pet owners walking their little ones.  Most RV park rules say they have to be on a leash and you must clean up their poop and put it in a bag.  So every dog owner out walking had their mandatory poop bag with them.  Roy still says no dogs for us so I guess I won’t get a poop bag soon!

Dora as seen from Boot’s eyes!
Welcome to Bee’s
Internet Cafe attached to the office
Up close pic of the old gas pump in the office
The manager’s dog – the resort mascot
Our home for several days
Shuffleboard anyone???
Someone who lives here is growing tomatoes!
Super cool golf cart like thingy parked next to us
One a walk I came across these guys and they followed me when I’d talk to them!
This was very large and I thought very pretty!
Here are my two little friends again. They would stand right next to me and I couldn’t take a picture of them until they’d move away.
Landscaping at someone’s home in the park



Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!

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