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01.24.14 It snowed in Louisiana!

imagesFor the many northerners that asked us if it ever snowed in Louisiana, the answer is yes!!! It snowed this morning in our hometown of Hammond, Louisiana.  Roy and I are in Sunny Florida, but my Facebook wall was filled with snow pictures and cartoons this morning. The schools are closed including the University and many roads are closed.

This may all sound ridiculous to northerners but we have no snow chains, many more elevated bridges (that ice quickly) than in the North and we have limited readily available snow road deicing, desnowing equipment.  It’s just not pretty when everyone tries to get out and have a normal life at that temperature so everyone stays home and enjoys the day off!

This has been the coldest winter in Louisiana as far back as I can recall.  We may have perhaps brought a little Minnesota cold back with us this winter! We had many nights where it dipped into the 20s and even teens and a few daytime temperatures in the 30s.  That is a cold Louisiana winter!  While cold up in International Falls, Minnesota, near where we spent the summer, was -40 a few weeks ago.

I captured some of the snow pictures and cartoons off Facebook and am including them below so the rest of the country can see what a Louisiana Sneaux (that’s Snow in Louisiana lingo) looks like!

253262_716467645059894_1130008092_n 1555319_10100829040513464_1859567398_n 1546296_716476038392388_1781381447_n 1625617_10151960613363823_1423295229_n 62045_502013816583388_239754744_n 1484115_10100466435707573_1209973492_n 1530450_10152206918594610_968898216_n


Wherever you are stay safe and stay warm!

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!

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