2014 RV Travels

01.23.14 Day Three (Final Day) – RV Window Repair

Day three is our final day in the process of having our windows defogged.  We were originally told it might take five days so we’re pretty happy with how fast they did their work.

Our cardboard window coverings are a thing of the past.  In their place are beautifully clear and shiny defogged windows.  After installing them they caulked them with silicone, cleaned them, water tested them and cleaned them again to get the water spots off.

Roy can’t believe what it looks like out the drivers side window after hardly being able to see through the old foggy windows for so long!  We just discovered that the two windows over our sofas were put in the wrong (opposite) window.  The company is closed for the day now so in the morning we’ll have to get them to move them to the right window!

These people are really nice to work with.  I would highly recommend that anyone needing their foggy RV windows fixed, come here.  The price was $275 for the drivers side window and $225 for each of the other windows.  Six windows was $1542.  Lots cheaper than changing all those windows.  They are  beautifully clear now and we will enjoy our travels even more, seeing America clearly through the side windows now!

2014-01-23_12-52-08_738 2014-01-23_13-24-57_371 2014-01-23_13-50-38_267 2014-01-23_14-54-35_722 2014-01-23_14-54-50_806 2014-01-23_14-54-56_663 2014-01-23_16-20-05_289 window1window3 window2

When we paid our bill they gave us each nice t-shirts with “We Got Defogged” on them!


I cooked merlitons today and stuffed them with pork sausage and bacon! It’s been nice to stay here and have time for some good cooking.  Homemade vegetable beef soup is up next on the cooking list for this week!

They  have a nice gazebo outside our RV with benches and I’ve been enjoying reading out there during the day.  I’m reading Beth Moore’s “Beloved Disciple” right now and am enjoying learning about John.  This was a free book from Amazon offered during a short time and I grabbed up 8 of her books!

We’re leaving here tomorrow for Clermont, Florida which is about 30 miles from Disneyworld.  We’re staying there for six days and seeing all we can in that area while we’re at Bee’s RV Park!

Ya’ll have a wonderful evening, and ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

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