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01.16.14 You never know what you’ll find if you don’t stop and look~~

ook signAs we drove along the Mississippi Gulf Coast yesterday looking at the beautiful beaches, something very unusual caught our eye.  Four spaceship like round shaped shiny buildings with no windows were under construction across the road from the sandy beaches.  We decided not to stop then but to do so on our way back from Ocean Springs.

ook spheres

What we saw is the newest addition to the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art.

ook george ohr - Copy

The buildings that caught our eye are currently under construction so I didn’t go in them but they are really something from the outside and will be galleries opened in the future.  My actual knowledge about art is extremely limited but I do know what catches my eye and intrigues me and this place was it!

The shapes of all the buildings and the materials used were so unusual that I started walking around just to take some pictures.

ooh1    ook - Copy  ook below3 - Copy ook below7 - Copy ook bldg - Copy         ooh1

It’s a pretty big place and I knew Roy would be wondering where I had gone to when a few minute passed by.  When I did return to the truck I found him sneaking a little nap!

While snapping some pictures of the buildings unique shapes I came across Marge Michaud and Kevin O’Brien, the Executive Director.  Mr. O’Brien gave me permission to take pictures and to write about them in my blog. Marge gave me a tour through the building of art she works in, the IP Casino Resort Spa Exhibitions Gallery.  Very cool to meet these two folks.margeandmrobrien

ook marge2 ook marge

One of the buildings has a winding concrete staircase that seemed to go on forever but was probably 3 stories high.  The trip down was much easier than up!   Some of these pictures were taken from the top of the 3rd story stairs.

ookook frmo above 8 - Copy ook from above 0 - Copy ook from above 3 - Copy ook from abover - Copy ook from above ee - Copy

I went out to the truck to let Roy know I hadn’t gotten kidnapped and he came back with me to the last building.  We found pottery being made there and saw some of the handiwork done by children and adult visitors.  One of the pottery volunteers showed us around and took us out to the kiln where they “cook” the pottery or ceramics.

ooh2 ooh4 ooh6 ook pottery 3 ook pottery ook7

They teach classes of all sorts at the museum:

Figures with wire and clay
Oil Painting
Book Making with Upcycled Materials
Beginning Wheel ThrowingFabric Prayer Flags
Paper Art for Seniors (taught by Marge!)
Clay Babies Preschool Clasds
Mudslingeri – try you skills on the wheel
Acrylic Tole Painting
Creative Story Time
Cooking N’Clay
Date Night on the pottery wheel

You can email them at education@georgeohr.org for more specifics if one of the classes tickles your fancy and you’re in the Gulf Coast area.  There is way more here than I could even describe so I’ll give you their address and phone number and if you’re on the coast and want to see more give the a holler!  They’d love to show you around! And admission is FREEEEEE!!

386 Beach Blvd.
Biloxi, MS 39530

Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm

Phone: 228.374.5547228.374.5547

Campus Map Gehry_Mode_ Full_Campus_small

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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