2014 RV Travels

01.16.14 Hot roding down the coast on a beautiful sunny day!

It’s been many weeks since Roy and I went out to discover a new city or in this case rediscover cities we’ve loved for years.  Growing up in southern Louisiana our families came to the Mississippi Gulf Coast throughout our youth many times.  Roy and my honeymoon was spent in Gulfport at a beachfront hotel whose name I cannot remember.  It was washed away in Katrina or perhaps sooner, but we still have our memories!

TLC Wolf River Resort is off Menge Ave. which leads to the beach in Pass Christian.  We drove today from there to Ocean Springs, MS which is several miles of coastline.  It was a beautiful sunny day and being on the beach the breeze made itself known all day. The only thing that would have made the drive more fun would be making the drive in a convertible!

rosalyn beachroy beach

beach from roaddune water shore sun on water water bird sandhard rock

Many of the homes have been rebuilt, all with breakaway first floors which helps protect the home from the massive rush of water like they experienced in Katrina.  The beach homes were always large homes but now with the extra first floor look simply huge.  raised house 1 raised house 3 raised house 5 raised house 8 raised restaurant

At least half the lots have yet to be built on, which gave the ride a small degree of sadness.

empty lot empty lot 4  empty lot 3 (2)

We walked on the beach and near the beach, what a freeing, wonderful feeling!  I loved getting close to the birds on the water and walked out on some sand dunes which was a neat experience to be out in the water but not in the water!

bird on beachbeach no pierrocks beach bird

The marks in the sand out there made by water coming in and out was fascinating so of course pictures were taken!


wavy beachOne stop we made was at the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art.  Tomorrow’s blog will be all about that so I won’t say anymore here, just that it was very, very cool!  Here’s a little sneak preview of just one of the areas within the exhibit!


President Jefferson Davis’ home and presidential library are on the beach and we made a stop there to take pictures.

jeff dvis library jeff davis sign jeff davis house

I must have taken 100 pictures today so however many pictures are in this post, there could have been many more!

I can’t even describe how much fun it was to be back on the road enjoying this beautiful country of ours!  We spent so much time sightseeing that we were starving by 4 pm.  Pirate’s Cove Restaurant on Menge Rd. made two delicious po-boys for us, an oyster po-boy for Roy and a shrimp po-boy for me!  We snarfed them down when we got home and Roy’s now snoozing with a full belly and you know what I’m doing!

pirates coveGod has surely created a beautiful world for us to explore and enjoy!

I’m thinking Thursday will be a stay at home day to recover from such a fun filled day today!  Madisyn and Chip are coming to visit Friday/Saturday and we’ll need all our strength and energy for those two!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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