2014 RV Travels

01.11.14 From Berryland Campers (Hammond, LA) to TLC Wolf River Resort (Pass Christian, MS)

As we departed our little spot at Berryland Campers I decided to take some pictures of where we’ve been living.  We were located in the back, to the left of Berryland Campers off the I-12 Service Rd.  You would take the Airport Road exit and come back down the service road to get there. It’s not an RV park, they sell RVs.  They just have some nice spots where folks can stay when the need is there.

I can hear someone out there saying “Is this girl ever gonna stop talking about leaving Hammond???!!!” Yes I am, just about now cause we’re headed to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

c berryland 6  c berryland boots and dora c berryland back c berryland boots and dora (2)  c berryland dora roy c berryland empty c berryland sign

We enjoyed a mostly beautiful ride, until the rain started, going to Pass Christian, MS.  TLC Wolf River Resort is a private resort near the Gulf Coast beaches.

c mississippi

After lots of wind and lots more rain last night, today is gorgeous with a gentle breeze.  This makes living in the RV here quite nice.  We’ve enjoyed a pleasant morning watching our This Old House and Home Time shows (on DVR since they come on much earlier in the morning than we woke up). with the breeze blowing through our open windows!  We’re near enough to the beach that the breeze is fairly constant.

c tlc wolf river c tlc wolf river (2)

Roy and I just came back from walking through the resort and here’s some pictures of what we saw.  This is the winter months and most things are dead but the pine trees and the river that runs through the resort make it a really nice place to stay.

c tlc3 c tlc c tlc 6 c tlc 5 c tlc 1

I haven’t talked on my blog about the job opportunity I am pursuing right now but I will in a future post. For now, let me say that what this new company offers will be very exciting to all RVers!  I plan to play around with their software this afternoon to see how creative I can get.  It’s exciting!!

Of course all extra-curricular activities will stop when the Saints take on the Seahawks at 3:35 today! They decimated us when we played them earlier this year so we’re looking for the Saints to come with their A game today and share with them what that feels like!

saints madisyn chip and kim
Madisyn, Chip and Kim ready to cheer on the Saints!


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!!

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