Preparing to RV Fulltime, Thanksgiving and Christmas 2013

01.09.14 You can go home again! and leave again!

Wednesday started off fasting for blood work.  Mine!  After the nice lady draining me of blood and giving me the obligatory cotton and bandage I was done with that for a while.

We told many of our church friends goodbye on Sunday and today was our good-bye day for family and some friends.

We went to Cracker Barrell for a good-bye lunch with my sister Harriett, her husband George and their granddaughter Annie.  Our pictures with Annie didn’t come out good enough to post them but she’s a beautiful young lady whom I love very much! We enjoyed delicious food, and even better fellowship. I miss my big sis when we’re on the road but we stay in touch and it’s very special when we get to see each other!


After lunch we went to Southeastern to visit our ex co-workers to tell them all goodbye.  There’s a lot of people in our old building we care about and it was nice seeing them even if it was to say good-bye.

bhelpdesk bdonnaandlane

Our last goodbye was with our granddaughter, Madisyn and her daddy (our son) Chip.  We went out to Don’s Seafood for dinner where we all enjoyed some delicious seafood.  Madisyn even at some boiled shrimp and we enjoyed ever minute we got to spend with her and Chip. Saying goodbye to them at their apartment later was hard even though we know we’ll see them when we come back through here in a few weeks going out west.  Madisyn makes our hearts smile every time we see her which makes the goodbyes harder!

bmadisynpawpawgrannie bmadisynandgrannie bmadisyn bmadisyn2 bchipmadisynpawpaw bchipmadisynpawpaw2

We’re spending today, Thursday, cleaning things, filling the tires with air, cleaning Boots our toad (truck) and making sure everything is ready to roll first thing in the morning.  We’ve been here at Berryland Campers way longer than the two weeks we thought we’d stay, more like 4 weeks now and it’s been very nice here.  I’d highly recommend it to any RVer in the area who needs a place to stay for a few nights.  They provide water and electricity and pleasant surroundings.  Even here in the winter when a lot of things are dead it’s still pretty here.

We’ll be staying at TLC Wolf River Resort in Pass Christian for a week or more.  This is the resort we visited to sign up for our Coast to Coast RV membership.  Can’t wait to be on the gulf coast in hopefully some nice weather for a while.  Maybe some nice walks on the beach are in our near future!

Here’s some pictures of fun times we’ve had while home and our new Darren Sproles tin man (we call him Sproley Ooley!) who helped the Saints win the first playoff game.  We got him at the flea market we visited with Madisyn and he’ll be traveling with us from now on.  The Karaoke picture is from Soul’s Harbor’s New Years Eve party we went to with Chip and Kim.  We did lots of fun things while home that didn’t get captured on film.  We also took care of all our medical visits and check ups.  Hammond is a wonderful place and it was wonderful being home, if just for a little while!

b new years bmadisyn and pawpaw bmandpawpaw bmandpapa bsproles bsproles43

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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