Year End Reflections

01.04.14 Who reads Dora and the Explorers blog???

10344729855_533c81cb40Well, I don’t know exactly who, but the stats Word Press collected show that people from the countries below have viewed the blog throughout the year 2013.  Still can’t imagine why they are visiting but they are and I am astounded by all the countries they came from!!

The post I wrote about our RV buying adventures with the criminals and cops in Conroe, Texas back in October, 2012 has received the most hits by far of any post.  I don’t know the exact number, but every day I see the stats and at least one (usually several more) person has read that one  each day.a danced seizures



United States 10,619
Canada 206
United Kingdom 30
Germany 27
India 23
Australia 21
Philippines 20
Japan 16
Mexico 15
Brazil 15
Russian Federation 13
South Africa 12
Ireland 12
France 11
Spain 8
Italy 8
Switzerland 8
El Salvador 7
New Zealand 7
Jamaica 7
Ecuador 6
Singapore 6
Republic of Korea 6
Netherlands 5
Taiwan 4
Israel 4
Norway 4
Indonesia 4
Poland 4
Panama 3
Pakistan 3
Greece 3
Turkey 3
Egypt 3
Belgium 3
Thailand 2
Nigeria 2
United Arab Emirates 2
Czech Republic 2
Maldives 2
Peru 2
Costa Rica 2
Qatar 2
Sweden 1
Bulgaria 1
Lithuania 1
Austria 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Tunisia 1
Portugal 1
Argentina 1
Morocco 1
Antigua and Barbuda 1
Denmark 1
Latvia 1
Malaysia 1
Puerto Rico 1
Viet Nam 1
Slovakia 1
Chile 1

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

3 thoughts on “01.04.14 Who reads Dora and the Explorers blog???”

  1. That is AMAZING!! What a wonderful witnessing tool and you have used it for that as well as all of the other adventures over this past year! May God continue to bless you both! Much love to you.


  2. It is likely they are bots that scan the internet and catalogue it. I have software that tells me more about my visitors. For instance I can tell when you visit the site. Sometimes most of my hits are outside the US. A lot of it is from China. Most of the time it will tell me if it is a bot or not.

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    1. That would explain it cause I can’t imagine why they would be interested though I do see sometimes that they type in the keywords that would get them to me but other than that it’s probably the bots. What’s the software that tells you your info? I just rely on WordPress stats.


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