Thanksgiving and Christmas 2013

12.27.13 Waiting and waiting and getting back on the road soon!

Waiting seems to be our theme lately.

Roy’s been waiting and waiting and waiting to have his knee surgery.

I’ve been waiting and waiting to have the MRI to determine the proper treatment for my neck and shoulder pain.

Last Sunday Roy started running fever and got a lot of congestion in his chest.  The fever stopped after Sunday but came back Christmas evening.  The day after Christmas we had his pre-op visit with his orthopedic doctor.  Roy had several questions about the surgery and the doctor explained everything to him.  I could tell Roy wasn’t real pleased or sold on the answers he got.  The doctor prescribed Roy a strong antibiotic for Roy’s chest congestion and fever and said they could do the surgery if he was well by Saturday with no fever.  After leaving his office Roy expressed his reluctance to have his doctor do the surgery because of the older methods he uses.  When we got back home Roy shared some of his research with me on newer more minimally invasive techniques available.  We agreed he wouldn’t have the surgery done here and would check out doctors in our travel who did the surgery like he wants.

Again this means a whole revamping of our immediate plans.  No surgery means no reason to stay in town and move to Punkin Park on Saturday for the month.  Our new plan (and there are always new and revised plans in RV living – which is something we are slowly getting use to, me being a plan driven person) is to stay at Berryland Campers until at least next Thursday when they open up again after the holidays.  Roy has several computers to set up software on which he was going to do week after next, but now he’ll be doing it next Monday and Tuesday and possibly Wednesday.  Once that work is complete we can move out for Florida where we will have some windows on our RV replaced.  We’re also going to Disneyworld to apply for future jobs.  It’s highly recommended that you go there to apply instead of doing it on line so we’ll go there and of course play a day or two at Disney while we’re there!!

We’ve been getting hitch itch more and more lately so it’s great for us to have the opportunity to get back on the road.  We have thoroughly enjoyed visiting with family and friends over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and are thankful for this time to reconnect with our roots and enjoy being truly Southern again for a while. The extended stay has been difficult because everyone is at work, school or whatever all the time and there aren’t many places for us to visit like there is on the road.

Christmas  morning was spent with my sister Harriett’s family (Roy was home sick though) and that was quite a special treat.  She and my brother in law George have her children and grandchildren over for Christmas breakfast after the kids open their presents at their own homes.  She served quite a spread and I enjoyed the food tremendously but nothing compared to the joy of watching her children and grandchildren open all their presents as they exchanged gifts.  I even got some nice gifts including a hand painted bird house my sister Harriett painted for me.  It will have a prominent place on our passenger side side mirror when we are parked. These precious memories, along with spending time with our son Chip and his family will hold us for a while once we get on the road.

a christmas bird  house

Once I get the MRI results next Monday or Tuesday I’ll know what the next step for me is.  My orthopedic doctor said that probably it will involve a shot in my neck to calm down the spasms and inflammation caused by the bone on bone in my vertebrae.  This shouldn’t delay us getting back on the road by more than a few days so by the second week in January we should be heading out on our adventures.   We both miss the traveling and seeing new things.  I’ve applied for several state park and federal park jobs in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and Nevada so hopefully by the time we’re finished in Florida one of those jobs will become a reality so we’ll know where we’re headed then!

I don’t think I said in previous posts that I only made it through one week of working at Textbook Rentals.  The work involved a lot of lifting heavy books over my head or down below and after only three days my neck and shoulders were so inflamed I went to the physical therapist on Thursday for some relief.  Realizing that I couldn’t continue doing this type of work with my neck in the condition it was in, I told the manager I wouldn’t be back after Christmas.  I’m finding out that my mind thinks my body is much younger and in better shape than it really is.  I enjoyed being with the people there and making some new friends and I really loved just being back on Southeastern’s campus even if just for a wee bit!

In a previous post I said we went to Acquistapace’s Grocery and how I loved their cheese section.  The next time we went they were having a cheese tasting with a long table filled with different cheeses to try out.  Below are pictures of that event and an up close of the blueberry cheese that was delicious!

aquistapace cheese aquistapace cheese 2 acquistapace cheese 3

I’ll leave you with some pictures of my family Christmas with my sister’s kids and grandchildren. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family who loves me even though they know me well!   Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!

dana hen nancy joe john eric annie family crazy face john with gifts opening gifts dana nancy greg sally with basket annie with scarf greg sally skateboarding

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