Thanksgiving and Christmas 2013

12.15.13 If You Build It, They Will Come: The Magic of SLU Football 2013


A brilliant Louisiana lady, Sharon Yogini write the following about: The Magic of SLU Football 2013

Click here to access the blog post.

It has been a magical year for the Lions and it ended last night.  I could in no way describe it like she did yet I want my followers to read about the football team of the school I graduated from, worked at and am so proud of.

Ya’ll come back, ya’ hear!

3 thoughts on “12.15.13 If You Build It, They Will Come: The Magic of SLU Football 2013”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my blog! Are you alumni from Southeastern, too? My name is actually Sharon King, but, I believe you can call me whatever you want to call me, just call me! It truly was a magical season. I loved It!


    1. Hi Sharon, I am an alumni and worked there for 15 years! I am returning tomorrow to work in textbook rental for a week now and 3-4 weeks in January. We’ll be leaving to get back on the road in February and are enjoying our time back home in Hammond for the holidays. I’m so proud of the Lions and the community for supporting them on such a grand scale. You put it all so brilliantly and I knew I couldn’t do half as well so I shared your blog. Thanks for writing it! Rosalyn


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