Thanksgiving and Christmas 2013

12.07.13 Here Kitty and Hammond Christmas Parade

This post was written back in December when we were home in Louisiana for Christmas.  I didn’t realize until now that it was never published so I’m doing that today.  It may not make sense time wise in our travels but here it is!!!

I said I wasn’t going to write until next week but I got to thinking (Roy always says uh oh when I say that!).  I’ve posted so many pictures about things that we saw in other states so I think it’s only fair for folks that follow us from around the US to see what happens in our little corner of the country!

This is what the New Orleans Superdome looks like welcoming  (or perhaps it’s warning) the Carolina Panthers.  Had to show this, I love it! There is nothing like the spirit surrounding football in Louisiana!


We went to the Hammond Christmas parade Saturday with Madisyn, our son Chip, his girlfriend Kim and Kim’s little boy’s Braxton and Bentley.

chip roy kimWe had a wonderful time and it was between 38 to 40 degrees which for you northerners is quite, quite cold for Louisiana.  The little boys were bundled, covered and covered more to keep the cold out! We all had many multiple layers on and still managed to catch tons of doubloons, beads, candy and cups.  How nice it felt to go to a Louisiana parade again! There is nothing like it and to get to go to it with our family was the best!  Here are some pictures from the parade.

hcp hcp1 hcp2 hcp3 hcp4 hcp5 hcp6 hcp7 hcp8 hcp10 hcp11 hcp12 hcp15  hcp17

We are looking forward to attending our church Children’s Choir Christmas presentation this evening followed by the Saints in the Dome (on TV) to top off the weekend! This is a great time of year to be home. Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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