Thanksgiving and Christmas 2013

11.26.13 Here’s what’s been going on! Review of Jellystone Yogi Bear in Robert, LA

THANKSGIVINGDAY“So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.” Col. 2:6-7


Hi folks, it’s me again!

I said I wouldn’t be writing much but my mind has become so use to writing about everything we did for the last year that it’s finding it hard to do things without writing about it! Here’s a summary of our last two weeks!

Updates on our medical issues:

Roy’s full knee replacement surgery is scheduled for Monday, December 9th in the early morning.  He’s had his pre-op testing done and will see his primary care physician this coming Monday for full clearance. We will leave Hammond Sunday December 8th and head over to TLC Wolf River Resort in Pass Christian Mississippi for a 4-5 week stay while Roy recovers.  It’s the only place we could find to hook up for an extended period of time while he recovers so there is no moving the RV around while he’s healing. We will be working it out with the doctor next Thursday about rehab and all so we maybe driving back and forth to Hammond, or having rehab in Pass Christian.  We’ll see!

My x-ray showed there is no space between two of my lower neck vertebrae like all the others have so they know that’s where the problem is.  However my insurance won’t pay for an MRI on my neck until I have three weeks of conservative treatment (physical therapy) so this is my second week of PT.  I love the traction, heat with stimulators, and ultrasonic heat but some of the exercises really flared up the nerve in my neck so they changed the exercises to accommodate that.  I go back two days next week and I don’t know about after that. The ladies at Affiliated Therapy are great, as they’ve always been for previous PT.  Thanks to Debbie and the gang for your help with my pain in the neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REVIEW OF YOGI BEAR RESORT! We are currently staying at Jellystone Yogi Bear Resort in Robert, Louisiana.  It’s got everything a child could want for recreation and entertainment during the warm months (which are numerous) here in Louisiana.  The RV sites are concrete with trees around however where we’re parked Dora, the trees don’t  interfere with our satellite reception which is a huge plus. The campground staff has been very friendly and helpful during our stay. Since it’s cold weather right now the place isn’t as full as it would be during the summer.  More than half of the resort is year-round sites with cabins,  travel trailers, class A motor homes or 5th wheels parked with a little yard all set up.  I think that’s kind of neat.  We leave here on Thanksgiving, after a two week stay and are leaving two pleased campers!  Wish we could stay much much longer but  our free time here is up! They are part of our Coast to Coast membership so we stayed here at no cost which is a special plus!

Madisyn and Grannie made peach jello with peach pieces in it and she’s enjoying some outside with Paw Paw!
Their nightly ice cream “thing”!

We stopped by Southeastern our first day in and saw a lot of our Southeastern family.  So good to see their smiling faces and get to catch up some.  We’ve visited often with Madisyn, Chip, Kim, Braxton and Bentley.  Madisyn and I collected pine cones out here and painted the tips then sprinkled glitter over them.  She’s very creative and sat still for a long time focusing on the craft.  We’ve all enjoyed doing the things we use to do regularly together even if just for a little while now. She and Paw Paw enjoy special time having ice cream before bedtime and I get to snuggle with her and sing bedtime songs while she falls asleep.  There are dozens of other special times but not enough room to write them all!  We’ve enjoyed Saints games with Chip, Kim and the boys.  Getting to know the little boys and Kim has been a blessing! When the boys smile at us our hearts just melt!  They are adorable!

Our home church the year it snowed!

We went to church last Sunday at our home church, Trinity Baptist Church in Pumpkin Center, Louisiana for the first time in 7 months.  It was a great feeling to fellowship with and hug so many members of our church family.  Our pastor, Dr. Randy Davis, always preaches a Biblically true sermons and this Sunday didn’t disappoint! What a blessing to be in God’s house!  We’ve attended several different churches in our travels and it truly is nice to be back at our home church! Looking forward to hearing the choir sing some while we’re home too!

We’re having gumbo for our non-traditional Chauvin Thanksgiving and are headed to Calloway Campground in Hammond for 10 days!

Ya’ll enjoy your families today on Thanksgiving and ya’ll come back ya’ hear!

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