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11.18.13 Lost River Cave, Bowling Green, KY

The last of our field trips in Kentucky was to the Lost River Cave in Bowling Green.  After the excessive walking of the last three tours we chose an underground river boat tour which was a very different and welcome cave experience.

There are four blue holes outside around the cave which use to be underground water that the ground on top of it wore out and the water came to the surface and it’s blue in color.  We walked along a trail to get to the cave.

IMG_20131111_124507_247 IMG_20131111_125509_570 IMG_20131111_125705_868 IMG_20131111_125713_853 IMG_20131111_125736_415 IMG_20131111_130314_647 IMG_20131111_130335_172 IMG_20131111_133214_860

To the left of where you get in the boat there is a big open air ballroom that people in old times would dance on to the music of a big band.  The original rock stairway that guests would come down to the dance floor has crumbled and was replaced by a metal staircase which you’ll see in the photo.

IMG_20131111_133132_167 IMG_20131111_133123_764 IMG_20131111_132933_006 IMG_20131111_130400_602 IMG_20131111_130655_393

We climbed aboard the boat and were treated to a short but very interesting tour of the cave.  Right after taking off we all had to lean forward so our heads would make it under the very low hanging rock formation that was fairly long.  When we were stooping down, we could reach up and touch the roof which was very smooth.  Once we were past that we could see many formations and a couple of times the boat bumped up against an underground rock which sounded like thunder when it hit.  The temperature in the cave was around 58 and the water temperature was 50.

IMG_20131111_130410_207 IMG_20131111_130724_255 IMG_20131111_131134_766 IMG_20131111_131211_020 IMG_20131111_131317_684 IMG_20131111_131447_245  IMG_20131111_132209_446  IMG_20131111_132450_852 IMG_20131111_132605_968

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

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