From Minnesota to Louisiana

11.18.13 Bye Bye Kentucky, Hello Louisiana!!!

The last of our touring ended with the Lost River Cave when we decided to head straight back home to Louisiana. We decided home was where we wanted to be instead of seeing more in other states right now.

We left a snowy Kentucky last Tuesday morning and spend Tuesday night at the Mississippi Welcome Center parking lot.  When we arrived in Mississippi we noticed a lot of water coming out from under Dora.  Roy tried to find out what he could there in the parking lot but had no success then.  He did determine it was probably coming from our fresh water tank so we felt we were okay to make the rest of the trip to Hammond. IMG_20131112_061441_589 IMG_20131112_061459_953 IMG_20131112_061534_471 IMG_20131112_062612_146 IMG_20131112_062616_863 IMG_20131112_062634_568

Wednesday morning we headed to Hammond and arrived at Berryland Camper before noon.  We made an appointment for them to check out the water leak and stayed in their RV parking area overnight since our reservations were not until Thursday at Jellystone Yogi Bear Campground in Robert.

Wednesday after lunch we surprised our son Chip at his work at Bill Hood Ford.  He was very very surprised since we didn’t tell anyone we were heading home before we originally planned to.  We went with him over to Madisyn’s new home nearby and had a wonderful reunion with her.  When she saw us pull up she spotted her Paw Paw and clung to him crying such sweet tears of happiness.  I got my turn with her too and didn’t want to let go.  She was so happy wanting to show us everything around her new home.  We brought her home with us to see Dora and later we all went over to Chip’s apartment for dinner and to meet Chip’s girlfriend Kimberly and her two little boys Braxton and Bentley.  We really like Kimberly and the boys and had a marvelous evening getting to visit and have fun together.  Roy took a video of us that we thought was only a delayed snapshot.  We kept saying cheese and you can see how happy we all were!  This is a link to it on facebook.

Madisyn went home with us to spend the night. When we were going to sleep she asked me if I’d sing her the hush a bye song I always sang her (I sang it to her daddy Chip and his brother, our oldest son, every evening when they were little) so I sang it through a couple of times and she was sound asleep.  I slept so soundly with that little one snuggled on my shoulder!  When we woke up in the morning I told her I was so happy she came to spend the night and she said “I’m just so happy to see you!” A child’s love is so healing and such a blessing! We took Madisyn to her pre-k school and got to see her class, teachers, and the playground (very important).

On Thursday morning before we left Berryland Campers, Roy got under Dora and figured out what the water leak problem was, replaced the part and Dora’s all fixed.  He’s pretty amazing like that! We cancelled the appointment to have her fixed and headed over to Yogi Bear and found our spot here where we’ll stay for a week or two.  We really like it here and look forward to a fun time with Madisyn on Saturday enjoying some of the recreation at the campground.

Madisyn came to stay with us Saturday and Sunday.  Paw Paw planned a tea party for us, we took her all around the campground playing putt putt and other things.

pawpaw tea party pawa paw tea party1

jellystone faces madisyn tree hanging

After the tea party and playing, Paw Paw and Madisyn had their special ice cream time.  She even licked the bottom of the bowl! Within 15 minutes of finishing the ice cream she was sound asleep

madi eating ice cream madiwith bowl madi crashed

We went to Chip and Kimberly’s church with them Sunday morning  and they came over for BBQ after and then to watch the Saints win!!!  We got to play with Madisyn, Bentley and Braxton and we were absolutely dead when they all left but oh so happy. In the picture of Bentley (left) and Braxton (right), Bentley does look like that but this must be Braxton’s wicked smile we captured!

madisyn on seatmadi prayingb and b

Roy saw the orthopedic doctor yesterday and is scheduled to have knee replacement surgery on December 9th.  I’ve been having neck and shoulder pain since we left Minnesota and am going to have physical therapy for the next three weeks and then possibly have an MRI  to find out what’s causing it and what to do! I don’t plan to write very much about our time at home with family and friends (I will let you know how Roy’s knee surgery goes)  but if you are followers of our blog you’ll know when we begin posting again since WordPress sends you an email.

If I don’t write before then ya’ll have a very Blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Dora, Boots and the Chauvi’s

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

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