From Minnesota to Louisiana

11.12.13 Mammoth Cave here we come!

Mammoth Cave is the world’s longest known cave system with over 400 of cave already explored.

We made our way to Mammoth Cave and we set out on a day of cavern climbing up and down and up and down all 500 steps of the place. It was so physically demanding that I thought I’d collapse a couple of times and we had to stop and rest.  They have several different types of tours available and we chose the New Entrance tour which is a new entry way they opened several years ago and takes you a good way into the cave.  It has new metal steps and railings instead of the older wooden steps in the original entry way.  I liked that part!  The only picture taking allowed was without a flash so I tried to only choose the pictures of this tour that came out clear!

IMG_20131110_110422_173  IMG_20131110_105830_777 IMG_20131110_105800_007 IMG_20131110_105556_295  IMG_20131110_103409_097 IMG_20131110_105401_425 IMG_20131110_105426_976 IMG_20131110_105450_719 IMG_20131110_105503_215  IMG_20131110_095148_191 IMG_20131110_094847_204 IMG_20131110_094755_945

After we got off the bus coming back from the cave we were required to walk across some white sudsy stuff that is suppose to remove something not good for the bats outside the cave.


I started feeling sick (tummy) when we got home and we took it easy the rest of the day.  I also think I over did the walking and pulled some muscles in my legs because they still hurt today.  There is a good bit of walking in our future and Roy’s feeling better so we’ll forge ahead!

Ya’ll come back soon, ya’ hear!

1 thought on “11.12.13 Mammoth Cave here we come!”

  1. Wonderful adventure for you all, but I know it is physically demanding!! Bill and I took the kids in the summer of ’67 I believe…my sister lived close by at that time. It was hard then and I was much, much younger. But, it was worth it and I know you feel that way too.. Take it easy and continue your adventures!!


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