From Minnesota to Louisiana

11.10.13 Out with the old bed and in with the new!

We are currently at Diamond Caverns Resort in Park City, Kentucky.  We really like it a lot.  It’s very quiet and only half of the RV sites are filled so we’ve spread out a bit over two spaces.

When we got here on Tuesday (before we knew Roy had shingles) he went into Bowling Green (about 30 minutes from here) to Camping World to purchase a new heavy duty sewerage connection line.   They had the Queen size Sleep Number mattress we wanted in stock, so Roy bought that also and brought it home.  Once we found out he has shingles I figured it would stay in the boxes for a while.

real sleep number box

But NO the day after we went to the doctor I woke up to Roy taking the parts to the mattress out of the boxes and then he pulled the old mattress off the bed.  Before I go any farther let me tell you that a normal mattress is very different than a sleep number mattress.  It doesn’t come in one piece like a normal mattress does.  It comes in several pieces and has to be assembled.

When he got into it he discovered other things to fix so it took him almost all day to put it together.  We spent a few hours of that time in Bowling Green looking for an elevator bolt to replace one that broke off when he was reassembling everything.  If you know Roy well you will understand when I say he completely rebuilt the area where the bed sits to reinforce every single thing that makes up the bed area.  The bed in our RV sits over where the RV engine is located which makes the whole thing even more odd and interesting.

I took some pictures as he was assembling the bed but only have one picture when he was reinforcing everything underneath.  Roy is a perfectionist about everything which makes anything he works on take so much longer but the end result is always something you can really count on to be sound and safe.

roy working
With the old bed removed Roy is working on all the old wires, tubes and machinery that operate the sleep number function.
bed uninflated
The foam frame in place, the left side blown up and the right side started to be filled with air.
bed inflated
Both sides filled up and the side covers wrapped over it.
bed with foamtop
A layer of foam is laid over the whole bed
finished bed
The mattress cover in place and tied into the air system. The final piece.

Our old mattress was broken in that the bladder that is blown up with air was busted on the right hand side of the bed causing a caved in area on that side.  When the left side was pumped up you slept on a hill and then fell down into the cave if there was no one on the other side.  Roy didn’t like sleeping on the hill or in the cave so he wound up on the sofa most nights.

The new mattress is far superior to the construction of the old one and we’ve slept very well every night since.  Roy cut apart the old mattress into pieces and he carried them all over to the big dumpsters here.

Other than that Roy has been resting, finally…….  Our plans for sightseeing are delayed until the weekend so that Roy’s better before we take to the road again.  I’m spending a lot of time outside reading in the sun which is really nice after spending so much of our time inside these last few weeks.

That’s it for the Chauvin’s in Kentucky!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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