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10.29.13 Church, Party and Parade!!!

We’ve seen The Bridge Community Church while driving around Decatur, Indiana and decided to attend their Worship Service on Sunday morning.  It was definitely a blessing for both Roy and I.  Dave Fox is the pastor at their North Campus and his sermon was on Jesus, Son of God.  Roy and I left wishing we were going to be staying around longer so we could come back to this church.  It has been very eye opening to attend various churches as we travel.  God can be worshiped in many different ways.  As long as the heart of worship is to honor God that’s what matters. 

2013-10-27_18-25-17_696We listened to the Saints on-line on WWL radio.  Loved hearing Jim Henderson and Bobby Hebert and Hokie Gajan calling the game, especially since THEY WON!!!

We came back to the church Sunday evening for their Fall Harvest Party.  The church is huge so they were able to hold the entire party inside the building.  It is a wonderful outreach to the community and the parking lot was packed when we got there.  Long tables of delicious foods were served, lots of games and photo op locations.  We loved seeing the little children in their precious costumes and we enjoyed the food we ate!

2013-10-27_18-46-49_404 2013-10-27_18-35-08_524 2013-10-27_18-28-33_442 2013-10-27_18-27-28_874

Monday night the town of Decatur held its Callithumpian Parade which we’ve learned just means Noisy Parade.  It’s really a Halloween parade with lots of organizations having tents and booths set up selling food for fundraisers.  When we arrived the first things we noticed was that all along the parade route through downtown Decatur there were folding chairs along every inch of the parade route on the sidewalks.  They were not set up chairs but chairs in their bags just marking their space.  We walked around and checked everything out, then went back to the truck and got our chairs and marked our spot!  We bought a huge order of nachos with meat and cheese from one of the tents and enjoyed them while waiting for the parade.

2013-10-28_16-48-49_420 2013-10-28_16-49-50_748  2013-10-28_17-02-04_226 2013-10-28_17-06-21_277 2013-10-28_17-06-37_445 2013-10-28_17-10-18_284 2013-10-28_19-06-06_94

A really nice mom, dad and three children set their chairs down next to us. During the parade we got to visit with them and enjoy watching their children and the other children around us get so excited every time someone threw some candy to them. No beads and doubloons, but a lot of candy and even some llamas, yes llamas and they were in costume!! The parade was over an hour long and had several marching bands, some truck floats and lots of noisy emergency response vehicles making the name Callithumpian quite appropriate! 2013-10-28_19-52-49_286 2013-10-28_19-16-11_897  2013-10-28_19-19-31_105 2013-10-28_19-22-44_55 2013-10-28_19-24-14_540 2013-10-28_19-27-37_92 2013-10-28_19-27-42_218 2013-10-28_19-29-07_108 2013-10-28_19-30-13_564  2013-10-28_19-37-44_116 2013-10-28_19-43-27_579 2013-10-28_19-44-13_442 2013-10-28_19-51-21_493 2013-10-28_19-51-45_186 2013-10-28_19-51-50_482

Nichole is the mom of the family we sat by and before we left Roy gave her one of our cards so they could check out our blog.  She was nice enough to send us information about some places to eat or visit around the area since we are having an extended stay here.  We were very happy and surprised to get a text message from her later in the evening inviting us to dinner at their home tonight.  They live on a farm and are going to show us around the farm before dinner.  We are both so excited to get to see this part of living in this area up close.  We look forward to going tonight and will certainly be sharing our experience in tomorrow’s blog!

2013-10-28_20-14-10_757 2013-10-28_20-22-08_412

It is amazing how God is opening up this town to us as we await the RV part to come in and be installed.  We were feeling very lost and anxious last week from being closed in with the terrible weather and no place to go.  He has turned it all around into a time we’re really enjoying and being blessed by!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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