From Minnesota to Louisiana

10.23.13 Hallelujah our time in Decatur may be over!!! Southern cooking Chauvin style!!

1157708_10152120770741258_1338774068_nHallelujah! We most probably will get to leave our spot in the Fleetwood parking lot tomorrow after 10 days here.

This has been the least liked part of our RV life so far sitting in a gravel parking lot in the freezing cold with no place to go. I’m very thankful it is coming to an end.  After days of waiting, the part being made in Fort Wayne, Indiana was finally ready.  Roy and I drove there ourselves to get the part.  Since we didn’t get back till almost closing time at Fleetwood we gave them the part and are quite hopeful we’ll get “the call” at 6 am that they are coming to get Dora to put that part in.  The weather the last few days has been cold, windy and rainy making it miserable to go outside for anything.  It may snow tonight but not too much which will be nice if it doesn’t prevent us from leaving.

We went shopping in Fort Wane after church on Sunday and bought 2 new pots for our induction cook top since all our old pots don’t work on it.  We have a 10” skillet, 6 quart pot and 2 quart pot and that should be all we need for everything I’ll cook.  The 6 quart pot is getting its first use tonight for some homemade chili.  We went to Wal-mart earlier today and bought the fixings for chili, vegetable beef soup and gumbo. This new pot will get broken in really well these next few days.  Since our freezer won’t hold several meals of any of those things I’m learning to reduce the amount I cook so we eat one meal and freeze one meal.


Just finished fixin’ the chili and eating a bowl of it.  It is perfect for a really cold spell like we’re having here.  Our son Chip will probably be drooling when he sees the picture I just sent him of our Chili!   It’s what I always cooked to welcome Winter to Louisiana.  We’re definitely in the midst of winter here so it’s time.   Notice the Styrofoam bowl, plate and plastic spoon!  All part of RV life at it’s best!


I really love induction cooking and would highly recommend it for RV life or sticks and bricks house life.  Induction pots are hard to find but we finally found ours at Target.  They are expensive but they cook so well it’s very worth it.  Remember when we were starting out and Roy was so worried he’d never eat good again? Well he doesn’t worry about that any longer!

We have reservations for 7 days in Park City, Kentucky when we leave here.  There are a lot of things to see around there and we can’t wait to get there! We may be in Louisiana in less than 3 weeks and are looking forward to winter in the south!


The World Series first game is tonight.  My Atlanta Braves are not in it but we love baseball and will be watching tonight cheering on the NL representative St. Louis Cardinals.

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

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