From Minnesota to Louisiana

10.11.13 South Bend Chocolate Company


South Bend, Indiana is home to the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the South Bend Chocolate Company.  We did not go to Notre Dame but did see the sign by the highway and some t-shirts at a rest area!


The reason we went to South Bend was to tour the Chocolate Company there.


We were joined on the tour by a whole bus full of senior citizen (yes, even older than us!)  We were taken through the manufacturing area (here we got a piece of chocolate with nuts in it) and the packaging area, viewed a movie about chocolate, dipped spoons into chocolate and toured the museum.

Chocolate Eastern Bunny Price tag $400
Ethel, Rosalyn and Lucy
Chocolate Santa $500
Roy had to wear a mask over his mustache!!!!!

IMG_20131010_153857_687 IMG_20131010_152805_074 IMG_20131010_152142_521 IMG_20131010_152105_050 IMG_20131010_152006_211 IMG_20131010_151953_037 IMG_20131010_151930_291 IMG_20131010_150141_667 IMG_20131010_150101_925 IMG_20131010_150003_842 IMG_20131010_145940_353

When we left South Bend we headed for Howe, Indiana where we plan  to visit some of the surrounding Amish country. The resort is mostly permanent RV residents but there is a strip of land for folks like us that want to stay just a few days.  We are parked next to a long wooden fence.  On the other side of the wooden fence is many acres of farmland.  It’s so pretty here and the weather is beautiful.  We may try to stay longer here if possible. We enjoyed drinking our coffee outside this morning which was a lovely treat!

IMG_20131010_183143_423 IMG_20131010_183017_905

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear.

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