From Minnesota to Louisiana

10.10.13 We’re in Howe, Indiana & pictures from Chicago

We are settled in a nice RV park called Grand Bend View in Howe, Indiana.  Howe is in the northern part of the state above Indianapolis.  We plan to be here until Sunday which will be the longest we’ve stayed anywhere since leaving Kabetogama.  Our travel plan was intended to get us out of the far north as soon as possible to void any possible snow problems. We are parked next to a wooden fence that divides the RV Park from a multi-acre open field.  Just beautiful.  Can’t wait to drink our morning coffee under the tree and take in all the beauty!

Our drive here included a stop at the South Bend Chocolate Company for their Inside Scoop tour.  I’ll write about that tomorrow since today I want to share the rest of the pictures we took in and around Chicago. I like to include pictures of house in cities we go through and there were so many different types of houses in Chicago so I have many house pictures included below

Welcome to Illinois!
Chicago sign
Side view of Soldier field
I-55 North and South signs! Felt like we were back in Hammond for a second!
Chicago street in front of Soldier Field
Chicago fire station and truck
Famous bar across street from Wrigley Field
Some of the goodies at Eli’s Cheesecake factory
Lake Michigan
Lakeshore Drive in Chicago
Sandy beach next to Lakeshore Drive in Chcago
This is a two part bus with an accordion like center that allows the bus to turn corners easier. Really weird!
Being technology minded like Roy is, when we pulled up behind this car he said “oh look Operating System car!”

chi10 chi13 chic1  chic8 chic9 chic13 chic17 chic19 chic20 chic21 chic22 chic29 chic30 chic31 chic32 chic38

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