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10.07.13 Winnebago Factory Tour – Forest City, Iowa

On Sunday we attended Worship Services at First Baptist Church in Forest City, Iowa.  Very friendly people  and what a blessing to be back in a Baptist church. Their Senior Pastor Eric Weaver preached a phenomenal sermon from Malachi.  He taught while he preached and it made everything much easer to understand.  I don’t know how long he preached but  I’d have loved to heard more.

This morning, Monday, we toured the Winnebago factory.  They do not allow pictures to be taken inside the plant which is a real shame because it was fascinating to see all the aspects of assembling their beautiful RVs.  I did find some pictures on the web and am posting them below. I took several outside pictures if I thought it was interesting. The first pictures below are of old RVs that are on display inside the Visitor’s Center.  Before the tour we watched a 15 minute video telling about everything we were going to see which helped us understand it when we went into the plants to see it.

2013-10-07_09-26-45_572 2013-10-07_09-27-27_3 2013-10-07_09-26-25_523

The facility is huge and employs thousands of folks. We saw ceramic tile being installed on sheets of wood which will be  lifted in the air onto the RV.   I the RV gets vinyl they lower a sheet of wood on to the frame; and then install the vinyl.  We also went to the fabric shop where all of the window curtains, bedspreads, sofa coverings and driver/passenger seat covers were made.  We watched fabric being cut using a stream of water and a demonstration of how the foam filling is put into the cloth covering for a sofa.  They shrink the foam (which is extremely cool to see) in this soft  saran wrap like stuff to make it easier to get the foam in and out to clean the fabric.   This was a great, great tour and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to buy an RV if you happen to be up in Iowa.

2013-10-07_10-05-04_634 2013-10-07_10-06-33_382 2013-10-07_10-46-07_638 Winnebago-tour Winnebago-107707 4d3b374c66460_preview-300 Winnebago_Factory_Collage dmrdc5-5ipvse3c3rleoxgrdkb_original imagesCAQAIA3Y winnebago-factory-chassis-lot

We’re ging to tour the Fleetwood plant when we get to Indiana.  It will be very interesting to us to see how our own RV was made.

It’s about noon now and we just pulled out, taken Dora to the potty and filled up our fresh water tank.  We’re on I-35 headed to Lake Shore Resort in Oelwein, Iowa about 2-1/2 hours away.  It usually takes us twice as long to get somewhere than it should because e like to stop along the way and see things There is beautiful farm land and the sky is clear today so it should b a nice ride

‘We’re planning to go to Dyersville, Iowa tomorrow to see the Field of Dreams.  I’ll let ya’ll know how that goes

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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