From Minnesota to Louisiana

10.03.13 On the road again and not really going anywhere!

Since I wrote my last blog I’ve received emails and private facebook messages from people who workamped and had horrible experiences that they left and went to really good experiences.  Seems that the bad experiences are not nearly as prevalent as the good ones and that encourages us for the future.   I wrote about Russ and Annie leaving early in the season. I was incorrect in staying that they were fired.  They actually quit before they were fired.  When you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough.  Russ wrote to me with several examples of problems they encountered with the management that did put up red flags for both them and us but they left and Roy and I chose to stay and try our best to work within the circumstances we found ourselves.   Since I said we’re putting this behind us I won’t include what he shared but it all supported our feelings. 

In the middle of the night (1:30 am Tuesday morning) Roy discovered we had no water.  That means our fresh water tank was dry even though the gauge showed it was half full.  Since we are not hooked up to water we are living on our stored water and there was none! He woke me up and off we went in search of water in the middle of the night.  During the day there is so much traffic on the roads and it’s much easier to get around at night.  We found a gas station not too far away that was closed and we pulled in and filled up.  After having so much fun doing that in the middle of the night we both slept until 11 am on Tuesday.

We spent two nice nights in the parking lots of Walmart and Sam’s Club. Walmart has signs posted saying no camping or over night staying and I took a picture of us parked next to it. We found out that this is something the city did and is not a Walmart rule.  Since the city can’t come on their private property to ticket you, it’s okay to park there.

duluth no parking sign
Wal-Mart parking lot sign


It was so cool at night that we left all the windows open and it was really nice waking up this morning to the sounds of ducks quacking as they swam around in the pond next to Sam’s.   We hopped in our truck Boots and headed towards downtown Duluth to see Roy’s orthopedic doctor for a cortisone shot in his knee. That went well and here’s a picture of Dr. Schnell giving Roy his shot.  He should be all fixed up for our trip back south.

duluth roy shot
Dr. Schnell giving Roy his cortisone shot
duluth roy outside
Outside the doctor’s building in downtown Duluth

We’ve pulled into Camping World in Rogers, MN (near Minneapolis) Wednesday evening and found out they have electrical hookups we can use overnight and they have water and a dump station.  I don’t know if all Camping World’s have this but it’s neat finding out that so many places allow RVs to stay overnight and even some that provide hookups for free.

On our way here the skies were clear and the traffic was fine (until we neared Minneapolis) and Roy and I both said this is the life we’ve been waiting for.  Being on the road and seeing more of our country than one place.  We both feel so free now and much, much less stressed.  Not gonna look back, just forward for whatever God has in store for us!

Things seem to be going well with the sale of our rental house.  The home inspection and the termite inspections went great and we should be having the act of sale on the 15th

Since we’ll be staying here tonight with electrical hookups we’ll stay in and enjoy the cool AC and television all evening.   We’ve decided to stay here today and tonight before heading out to give us some down time to rest and take care of a few little things.  It’s really nice to be able to change plans as we want to and not be tied to a time schedule. 

duluth houses 2
Duluth house
duluth houses
More Duluth houses


Tomorrow, we’ll head out to see Northfield where Jesse James robbed a bank and then head to the Winnebego Manufacturing Plant for a tour and overnight stay there.  That’s the plan for now, always subject to change!

9 thoughts on “10.03.13 On the road again and not really going anywhere!”

  1. Good idea about going in person. let me know if y’all want cast referrals for employment…usually helps!! If I can ever get the few weeks straight for training it requires, I’m going to do the seasonal thing.


    1. We decided to go to Disney this winter and apply there for next Winter. Their application process on line is very confusing and we couldn’t find positions we’d want to have. They recommend going there to apply as it gives you the best chance. We’re spending two months in Florida (probably Feb and March) so we’ll go there then to apply.


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