Our life at Northern Lights Resort

09.28.13 No more awful Saturdays! – 1 or 2 days left!

At last, our Saturday’s that I’ve  called Hell Week rolled into one day have come to an end.  The ladies closed the last two cabins and the lodge/store today.  We emptied the van and golf cart of all our supplies and put them away for the winter. We just found out that if we all get certain things finished tomorrow we can leave on Monday instead of Tuesday!!   13


The other co-workers, managers and owners went out tonight for dinner but we stayed in to rest and watch LSU play football and the Braves play baseball.


The men removed the last of the docks from the water and moved the last of the exterior chairs, tables and grills inside.

5 6  11

Our tomatoes that were planted in early May that we didn’t think would ever get red have just now started to turn. We found some brown paper sacks to put them in when we leave hoping to help them along with the getting red part. Whatever stage they are in when we leave is how they will get picked!

Beth made an egg casserole for everyone for breakfast this morning and it was delicious.  We each had a generous serving along with the homemade biscuts that Hazel made.

7 8

The leaves continue to change colors and are more beautiful every day! The pictures I posted a couple of days ago look pitiful, compared to how it all looks now.

1 2 3 4 10 IMG_20130928_131528

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