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09.24.13 Contract on our rental house!!! Our last Tuesday here! 6 days left till departure

Yesterday us girls closed up the biggest cabin, Fireside.  It took almost six hours but we were all happy to check that one off the list!  The last guests there left a huge Stuffer’s lasagna, garlic/cheese toast and lettuce/spinach in a bag.  A full meal for eight people! I cooked them in our RV this morning for everyone to enjoy at lunch today.  I love it when guests bring too much and don’t feel like hauling it home!

The fireside moose I groomed when e opened the cabin in May!
The fireside elk I groomed when we opened the cabin in may!
This is a tree with hue pinkish red berries outside of Fireside. Anyone know what it is and if it is edible?
If you ever feel like this, come to Northern Lights Resort. We are out in the middle of the wilderness, have great cabins and all have wifi!

Today is my day off and the other three girls closed down Bear and Northern this morning.  Now there are only two more left to close, Yellowstone and Muskie, and those cabins are occupied until Saturday.  Woodside has just been rented for a few days after we leave so we will be cleaning it Saturday instead of closing I.  The owners will close that one down themselves.

Now for the best news of all, we have a contract on our rental house for full price and it’s a cash sale and the buyer is paying all her closing costs.  This is such a huge blessing from God.  Our fabulous Queen of Real Estate, Jamie Johnson with Keller Williams didn’t even have it listed when she showed it to our buyer!  Roy and I are so happy and really believe that if we had originally listed our home on Wardline Road with her we would have sold it long ago instead of renting it.  We do know not to count our chickens before they hatch or in real estate terms don’t count on the sale until the money is in our bank account.  However, a cash sale for full price is worthy of sharing with everyone.  She wants the closing to be on or before October 15th so that chapter in our lives will be over with!   I’ve said before how much we appreciate the work our family and friends did to get this house ready to sell.  We could not have done it from 1500 miles away with our you special folks!

brenda drive back deck
The back decking at Brenda Drive which has been re-stained since this picture.

We’re spending today pulling up and cleaning the big black and white mat our rockers sit on outside, removing and cleaning the tire covers for storage, filing all the tires with air, getting my plants in pots, cleaned up and ready to travel.  Roy has actually done most of this while I pulled up my garden decorations d lights and got them cleaned for travel and ready for our next stop! Both of our bicycles are mounted behind Dora. We’ve had additional freezer space available to us while we were here but will be back to just our RV freezer so a good clean out and organization of what’s going with us in the freezer was done today.  I plan tomorrow to go through all our clothes and get the closet in travel order.  Things move around in a moving house and a travel closet is quite different from a sitting still for 5 months closet!

We’re grilling tonight for the last time here and the grill will be put in its storage space for travel. We’ve invited everyone over this evening for probably the last campfire to use the last of our wood up.  I have loved having discovered the giant marshmallows for our campfires.

There are several food events planned for this last week. Pat and Tom, the owners, have invited us al to dinner Thursday, Beth is making a baked egg casserole for Saturday breakfast and the work campers are hosting a chili dinner in honor of our managers Rick and Debbie for being such great leaders. Lots of good times this week to wrap up our stay here in Northern Minnesota.  Things were exciting and new to us when we arrived up here at Northern Lights Resort.  It’s getting exciting again as we go through all these last things and prepare to experience others parts of our country in our travels.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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