Our life at Northern Lights Resort

09.22.13 Weekend of beautiful weather and hard work – 8 days left till departure!


The trees have more reds, oranges and bright yellows on them now but my pictures don’t seem to pick up the beauty of the colors.  The cool crisp weather is just perfect with a nice breeze making it feel great to be working outside.

c hanging trees 1 changing trees 2 changing trees

I got my share of outside work today when I worked with the men for several hours to stain the exterior of Bear cabin.   The cabin looks great and I’m kind of proud I had a little part in sprucing it up. The beautiful cool weather makes it so easy to work outside.  Except that now my back and feet are hurting but while we were working it was very pleasant. Roy worked with me part of the time and I always enjoy working with him so that was fun.  We closed a cabin today and two yesterday so we’re up to 6 closed with 6 still to go!

The cabin below is the Loft which we closed today and is the only one I opened all by myself back in May and I wrote about the opening then. The things on the windows are not curtains they are sheets nailed up to keep the light from coming in over the winter. Thought you’d like to see it all closed up and ready for winter.

closing loft (2) closing loft

Fall is in full swing here and all of the things below can be found going on somewhere up here.  I’ve enjoyed the weather the very most of everything in Minnesota.  Without having the heat of a Southern summer I’ve felt more alive and better than I have in a long time.


We’re closing the biggest cabin, Fireside, tomorrow which should take us most of the day but that will be a big one to have over with!  This is the one that I helped open with the moose and caribou heads that I got to clean!!  We’ll just be bagging them now so no more animal cleaning for me!

The guys will be bringing in more docks, more pressure washing and staining and finally winterizing all the plumbing which requires a trip under each cabin which I’ve been told is quite unpleasant.  Have I told ya’ll there are no poisonous snakes up here?  I’ve found that quite comforting while treking through the forests and the wilderness that surrounds us.  We’ve been deep in the woods several times and not a snake was seen!  A very good point in favor of life in Minnesota!

We went to church for the last time at Kabetogama United Methodist Church and were able to say goodbye to the friends we made there.  We’ve enjoyed going there and have learned much about the Lord’s Prayer through the series of sermons the pastor preached this summer.  We are all required to work next Sunday so today had to be the goodbye Sunday!

We AGAIN were not able to get the New Orleans Saints game.  We thought we were going to get it but they changed the game to a Packers game since I guess for some strange reason folks up here like to see them play.  Go figure!  Had tokeep up with the Saints game through a friend’s facebook feed and sneaking into the lodge to see the score when it came up at the bottom of the screen.  This has to rate at the very top of the short list of things I do not like about living on the road.  Not being able to see every single Saints game.

Our plans for what we’ll do and see when we get on the road again are coming into shape pretty nicely.  We’ve got a couple of caves to tour, a Subaru plant to tour, two confectionery factories to tour, and visits to a horse farm, an Amish village, Louisville Slugger baseball bat plant and a couple of wineries and distilleries  plus a cheese maker.  Two RV factories, Winnebego and Fleetwood, are on the plan and visits with a couple of friends along the way.  We’ve also decided that most likely February and March will be spend going down the Gulf of Mexico coastline in Florida to Miami and then up the Atlantic coastline.   I mostly want to sleep late and be a little lazy between all these visits!

One more day to work and then two days off to get everything ready with Dora and Boots for us to leave!

Hoping to see lots of ya’ll before too long, ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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