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09.11.13 Beautiful plants, cold weather and 19 days left till departure!

After today we have 15 more work days plus 4 more days off = 19 days till our departure!  We’ve been busy getting things ready to travel.  It’s been 4 months since we pulled in here and Dora has not moved since then.  Roy took everything out of his “garage” which is actually the truck bed of his truck Boots, organized all his tools in there and it’s ready to roll.  I’ve been organizing the storage containers beneath the RV and have yet again gotten rid of a bunch of things we “thought” we’d need and haven’t used.

I was able to put together a storage container of craft type things for my grandchildren to enjoy from the left over Kid’s Quest items. I’m hoping my grandchildren will make lots of cute things with these things.  The container is neatly packed along away now for the trip South.

Our neighbors Glenn and Hazel have a beautiful Fuchsia plant.  I’ve never seen one and the pictures I took do nothing to show its beauty.  The flower’s petals look like soft cloth and are fuchsia, deep purple and deep blue all in one flower.   They have carried this plant with them all over and I’m very thankful it is blooming while they are our neighbors here in Minnesota!IMG_20130911_124556  IMG_20130911_124516

The weather here is changing and the trees are beginning to change colors.  Just beginning but you can see a lot of yellows and a little bit of reds coming out.  Tomorrow night there will be a freeze with the temperature dropping to between 27 and 30 degrees.  And it is only September!!!

IMG_20130906_134101 IMG_20130906_134055

Our tomato bushes that Madisyn and I grew from seeds before we left Louisiana are absolutely huge.  Once we started fertilizing them they shot up and the stalks got really thick.  It’s taken all summer for them to produce tomatoes and even now not one has turned red.  The bushes were so thick that you couldn’t see the tomatoes and since we want them to get red before we leave here we cut back most of the plant leaving the limbs that had tomatoes on them.  We’re hoping this will allow the plant to put all its energy into ripening the tomatoes and not having to take care of the limbs and leaves.  Here’s some pictures of the mostly leafless bushes with the tomatoes we hope someday soon get ripe.

IMG_20130911_130615  IMG_20130911_130511 IMG_20130911_130500

A lot of beautiful flowers and bushes are blooming now around here but not for long since the freeze tomorrow night will probably mark the beginning of cold weather being the norm around here.  We’ve been told there could very well be snow before we leave here in just 19 days!

I got my Hip Hop Abs workout CDs today to start exercising with.  I’ve always been fascinated by Hip Hop and have tried to learn it from watching So You Think You Can Dance. I haven’t been successful so I’m hoping I’ll learn with this and get some fat off  to reveal the sculpted abs I know must be under there!

The guys have been staining the decks and outside stairways on the cabins to get them in first class shape before the resort closes down for the Winter.  Our first cabin has been closed down inside and out and now there are only 11 more!  Some of the cabins are rented till near the end of September so we’ll be hustling then to get the final ones closed down before we leave.  This picture was taken out the back of Yellowstone cabin after the guys stained the outside wood.  A huge flock of ducks were swimming by and since it really shows the beauty of this area I snapped a picture! IMG_20130905_153021

2 thoughts on “09.11.13 Beautiful plants, cold weather and 19 days left till departure!”

  1. Love the Fuchsia plant. When we were in Ireland in 1998, we saw Fuchsia growing along the side of the roads and highways. Can you imagine? I know you are excited about getting back on the road…will be praying for you and Roy as you travel south!!! Much love, pat


    1. I’ve never seen one up close before and was fascinated. God makes some great stuff!! We will be taking much much more time in our travels this time since we don’t have a set time to be anywhere. That’s very freeing and I’m looking forward to it, plus not having to work hard for a while! Thanks for continuing to keep up with us! Love, Rosie


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