Our life at Northern Lights Resort

09.10.13 Great Saturday! 21 days left till departure!

Saturdays have always been the nicest day of the week for us but the last 3 months of Saturdays  have been anything but nice.  Finally today is our first Saturday without a Meet and Greet and only four cabins to clean and two to just strip bedding.  We got started at 8:30 this morning instead of our usual 7 am start.  We finished at noon and have had the rest of the day off to rest and enjoy the beautiful weather today.  Roy grilled hamburgers for our own little personal Meet and Greet and then we walked out to the lake and enjoyed sitting on the dock and listening to the quiet.   I was able to watch our Southeastern Lions play TCU on national television this afternoon and am ready to watch the LSU Tigers play in a few minutes.  All this living up north is nice and beautiful but we’ll always have pride in our Louisiana teams no matter where we go!

We’re hoping to have the rental house ready to go on the market mid week next week.  Chip’s pressure washed the exterior, trimmed the bushes and palm trees and is going to paint the front and rear doors, Kimberly and Madisyn cleaned up a lot of the inside, Mr. Fred’s coming to cut the grass early next week, Ashley and Micah Phares came yesterday and cleaned walls, baseboards and lots of other things and Mr. Jerry is coming Monday to clean the carpet.  Scott Morrow and Randy Stogner loaned us tools Chip needed and I’m sure there are others that helped that only Chip knows of.  We couldn’t have done all this from up here so we’re extremely appreciative of all those who were willing to help.  The address is 113 Brenda Drive, Hammond and we are asking $130,000.  If anyone is interested in seeing it let me know and I’ll get our agent Jamie Johnson to call you.

I’ve been working on notifying companies that need our permanent address to change it from Kabetogama, MN to 110 E. Center Street, #2301, Madison, SD 57042.  This is the address we will use from now on so please make a note of it if you need our address.  On October 1st when we leave here we will activate our Verizon phones and put the ATT go phones away until when or if they are needed in the future.

Our manager Debbie cooked us a big pot of DELICIOUS spaghetti sauce and we all gathered their place to enjoy it tonight.  Hazel made some delicious oatmeal and chocolate cookies.  Every last one of the cookies were eaten and everyone had two helpings of the spaghetti.  Glenn brought a copper pipe with holes in it and a rubber hose inside it and put it in the fire. I’ve never seen that before so in case you are as slow about this as I am what it does is make the flame different colors like blue pink or green.  What a wild sight that was. I took pictures but they don’t even come close to showing the colors correctly.

colored fire

I cleaned one cabin today all by myself and will be working on another tomorrow with Beth.  Tomorrow we’ll be down to 22 days till we depart.  We’ve really enjoyed getting to know this totally different part of America.  Not necessarily the work that came with us being here but this experience has been amazing and we’ve learned so much.

The little girl in the picture below was fascinated by the ducks and Roy got her some bread to feed them and they all came closer to her which she loved!  We’ve both really enjoyed interacting with the children this summer and now that they are all back in school it’s terribly quiet around here!

girl feeding ducks

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

3 thoughts on “09.10.13 Great Saturday! 21 days left till departure!”

  1. Enjoy reading your adventures! Where are you headed next? We are workamping in Branson for a few more months. If you find yourself routed near here, give us a shout 🙂


    1. We’re going to travel through Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and then south. We’ll stay a few weeks in each state along the way and hopefully wind up in LA for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We went through Branson on our way up here so I don’t know if we’ll go that way our way back. If we do I’ll let you know. What company are you workamping for?


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