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09.04.13 The hikers at Echo Bay Trail – 25 days left till departure!


298087_509387402456576_928255323_nRoy and  I are not hikers. I enjoy reading, doing puzzles, cooking and making crafts and never thought of hiking as something I would add to that list.  We tried it out today by hiking  a 1.5 mile trail that goes by Echo Bay and found we enjoyed ourselves.  We did enjoy taking break from the walking while sitting on  big rock.  We took several pictures along the way and they are shown below.

I’m cooking a pot of chicken and andouille gumbo to round out our last day off this week.  The temperature is in the lower 60s today so it felt like a pot of gumbo day!


IMG_20130904_141102 IMG_20130904_140906  IMG_20130904_135819  IMG_20130904_135415 IMG_20130904_135329 IMG_20130904_135204 IMG_20130904_134734  IMG_20130904_134308  IMG_20130904_133953 IMG_20130904_133818

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear.

1 thought on “09.04.13 The hikers at Echo Bay Trail – 25 days left till departure!”

  1. Rosalyn if you have time could you email my husband? He is having problems with wordpress He wants so much to put his work up on it . I was hoping you might be able to give him some pointers


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