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09.04.13 Itasca State Park where the Mississippi River begins – 24 days left till departure!

The Mississippi River ends where it pours all its water out the mouth into the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana.  We’ve been there and now we can say we’ve also been to where the Mississippi River begins in Minnesota.  We drove around 3 hours to Itasca State Park  and enjoyed the beautiful scenery within the park on our way to the Mississippi Headwaters. 

It has its own Visitors Center, Gift Shop and Restaurant at the beginning of the path that leads to the headwaters.  We walked along through the scenic pathway until we came to a sign that tells this is the beginning of the Mississippi River.  It surely doesn’t look very Mighty at its beginning and today it was about 15 feet across.

Some little children and their parents were playing in the water and a couple of old folks had just crossed and were resting their feet on a bench.  The pebbles and rocks were slightly painful to walk on for too long and then we discovered a walkway over the river that was MUCH easier to walk on. 

On the way to Itasca State Park to see the headwaters we passed by this church that had a tiny church on a stand high up in the sky in front.  I thought it was cool!  It’s not leaning, just how the picture came out since I took it while passing by.

church in sky

On our way to Itasca we came across a river with a bridge across it.  We stopped there back in May but today the river was almost dry now whereas in May when we arrived and all the snow was melting the river was full and the water rushed by. What a change a few months make.

dry river bed
The dry river bed in September
My he man hubby!
The same river with all the melted snow water back in May

headwaters sign vc

mississippi source signheadwaters 800 feet signpath to headwaters

sign by water roy on walkway   rosie in river rosie across river rocks in river  miss river sign

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