Our life at Northern Lights Resort

08.26.13 Ashley Ingebrigtson’s blog post about Northern Lights Resort

One of our recent guests (a professional photographer) posted on her own blog about her stay at Northern Lights Resort along with some photographs she took here. I’m reblogging it below for ya’ll to enjoy.  The pictures look much better on her blog so click on the link below and you can look at hers instead if you want to.


Commercial Resort Photography Kabetogama, MN

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So, I took a shot at some commercial photography at a resort waaaaay up north. Like, Canada up north. Kabetogama is the name, and I dare you to say it three times fast. This resort is absolutely gorgeous, family friendly and a place you’d never want to leave! There’s endless activities to do on the lake: fishing, paddle boarding, canoeing, and jumping on big huge blow up thingies, just to name a few. If you’re more the laid back kind (like me) you might have the most peaceful cup of coffee you’ve ever sipped and enjoy hearing the sounds of the lake at night. The owners of Northern Lights Resort made us feel like family. Ice cream socials, tips on all the best fishing spots and friendly conversation among the employees and the guests were easy to come by. I only wish I could have stayed longer! Check out http://nlro.com/ if you’re interested in more details.

Commercial Resort Photography Kabetogama, MN

– See more at: http://ashleyedenphotography.com/blog/item/19-commercial-resort-photography-kabetogama-mn#sthash.v6fgoMx8.dpuf

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