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08.26.13 Today is the DISLIKE RV day :(

I’ve written many many blogs about how much we love this RV life and we love living in the RV.  I’m sure people have wondered “Don’t they ever dislike it?”

Well today is the day I dislike it.

Everything about an RV is different than a house and especially our little tiny Splendide washer/dryer that I’ve raved about.  Today was the third time it’s had to come out of its tiny hole for repair but this was the first time that it came out of its hole, got moved through the tiny walkway between the bed and the dresser and into the Kitchen to be taken apart.  I don’t know how much it weighs but it’s absolutely way more than Roy and I together should be handling.

Moving it to the kitchen did make it easier for him to get to all parts of it to find out the problem but moving it around the RV in the tiny quarters was awful.  Getting it out was not as bad as putting it back in however it did have to be lifted over the bed going both ways and it weights a TON.  At one point Roy had me hold it precariously in place a tiny bit back into its hole while he got on his back under it  to ease it over a hump so it could slide the rest of the way back in.  There is a step up next to where he was underneath so the bottom half of Roy was on the upper stair area and the top half of him was underneath.  I tried once to be the person underneath while he held it but I couldn’t get in the position he had to get in.

It’s back in its little home behind the louvered doors now and hopefully ready to wash again when needed.  They are wonderful little machines and probably not any harder to work on than a regular washer or dryer but getting to them and getting them in a place to do the work is near impossible.

But once again Roy Chauvin came through! Once again my hero!  Now that it’s back in and I’m using it again I’m back to loving the RV life – good thing the dislike didn’t last long!  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

The hole where IT lives!
View of the insides from the top

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