Preparing to RV Fulltime

08.25.13 Tools needed – house for sale soon – Thanks Chip!

We seem to find ourselves in the position of having an empty rental house and a lot of work to be done to get it in the condition to sell it.

And we are 1500 miles away from the house here in Minnesota!

After several email and telephone conversations with our tenants they have moved out this weekend and the cleaning fun begins!  We loved this young couple who were renting from us and while the house now needs a lot to get it ready for the next step they were good tenants until they fell into very hard times financially and couldn’t pay their rent.  We worked with them a couple of months but don’t have the financial security to keep it up.  So they are leaving and unfortunately for Chip he’s left with the clean up.  Thank goodness for Chip willing to take this on while we’re so far away.

Thanks Chip!!!

In addition to this not being a convenient time while we’re so far away we also own none of the tools that we use to that are now needed for the work to get done.  He’s going to need a lawnmower, ladder, pressure washer, hedge trimmer, carpet shampooer in addition to whatever tools are needed to replace a kitchen counter and possibly two doors.

Some of the tools we sold we could really use about now!!!

I am quite thankful that so many of our friends and family have responded by letting us borrow their tools.  Fred Lavigne is coming to the house with his super duper lawn mower (which was ours before we sold it to him!!!) to give the yard a good cut which we hope Chip will be able to keep cut with the old push mower.  Scott Morrow is loaning us his hedge trimmer which Chip is going to pick up today in Amite to get all the hedges (and there are many) and the palm trees trimmed. Another friend Ronnie Glover is going by the house to see the two doors we believe need to be replaced and get us a price on doing that.

We’re still needing a pressure washer and carpet shampooer.  If any of our readers are local and wouldn’t mind loaning us either of these two please give me a call at 320-496-7061!  Roy and I have never been people who borrowed things from people. That’s probably why we owned every tool in the world, we bought what we needed.   This is probably a first for us and while it feels odd to be asking we’re thankful for friends who are willing to help.  Chip use to live in the house and knows all the neighbors so I’m hoping they will be willing to help with the small tools he’ll need.

This is a good example of issues RVers run into while on the road if they maintain ties like this back home.  Once the house is cleaned and showable we’ll be putting it on the market to sell so this tie will be cut.  Unfortunately we need the rent to cover the note and the 1st of the month is coming really quickly now!  Thank goodness our other tenants in our house on Wardline Rd are paying on time!

If all this can’t be handled long distance we’ll have to go straight home after October 1st so we’re really hopeful it gets done so we can do some traveling around and seeing the USA as we planned.  I have faith in Chip he’ll do all he can to make this happen! Now we get to have the electricity put in our name and contact the realtor!

This is the house before we rented it last year.  Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!


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